Life-Death Cults part 2, Blood Moon, Double Moon

Today I found another post of Seven being interviewed.  With her was a man named Ole Dammegard, who has researched major news events for decades.  He discusses how news is staged.  I think since the news is on tv, we all expected it to be somewhat staged, but not to the level they are referring to.

And as I listened to this interview it is July 27, 2018 with a full moon tonight and is the beginning of The Grand Climax rituals for many life/death cults.  They particularly like bon fires and fire in general.  I sincerely no longer think that it is a coincidence when such terrifying fires are burning in California.  These fires are melting cars, leveling houses, jumping across bodies of water.  It looks like a movie.

And as with all tragedy, someone very high up is getting rich off of it.  Insurance companies and later everyone involved with rebuilding.  If the disaster is big enough in the US, it will be declared a natural disaster and money will be thrown at it. How much ever reaches the people who lived there day in and day out will probably be hardly anything.

I’m attaching the interview and a link to one of the many news stories today about the California fire.

OH!  I almost forgot to mention that tonight is the longest lunar eclipse in a century.  These death/life cult worshippers have to really go out today/tonight for the Grand Climax of 2018!  I will post a news clip about it.  It is also a lunar eclipse with Mars, the Red Planet, very close to earth.  This will make a “Blood Moon” or a “Double Moon”.

Notes on my personal stalking intimidation.  It is no coicidence that on my iPad the top news story is about “Double Moon” (IdIoTTwins), “Blood Moon” (I had night terrors for over a decade of blood raining from the skies after my sister died.  No one should know that besides my therapist, but since I have no privacy the IdIoTTwins know about that).  It’s no coincidence that local news was all about birth and death with a “rescue pet” that looked almost just like my favorite dog who died in 2015.  The IdIoTTwins spread all kinds of rumors about me saying I had sex with my animals, like some sick hedge witch.  This is what they do, because they are witches and sacrifice animals.  I would not be surprised to find out that they did beastiality and necrophilia as well.  There are a lot of references to those things in my mental/emotional torture.

When the lady, Seven, in this interview tells of her house on tv, I remembered that the neighbor’s house behind ours in Anchorage was on the tv with a huge swastika painted on the side of it.  It was a place where a criminal had fled and had a stand off with police.  Later I found out a rumor was being spread that my husband and I were racists.  All the minority groups were sending people to lunge at me, yell angrily around me, threaten me, and a lot of very scary behavior.  I didn’t know what was happening until a little black boy about 8 years old walked up to me in a store and said, “KKK”.  I felt faint.  I was truly scared.  And the worst part was that my dad had had run in’s with white supremacists.  I see now it was probably the same family who had controlled my life since birth or before.  So white supremacists hate me too.  And in their usual “double talk” “twiin speak” one of their names starts with the letter “K”.  The IdIoTTwins are most definitely white supremacists.  They just shout out rude stuff about the races in public places.  I guess since they are rich and sort of a novelty in that they are twins, they get by with stuff like that.  I go out of my way to be respectful with people and the IdIoTTwins turned everyone against me.  It’s been a terror campaign for my entire life.























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