Grand Climax: One of the major Satanic Holidays of Ritual Life and Death Cult Worship

Let me set the scene:  Today I was looking through this horrible Satanic ritual stuff; the zodiac wall calendar, the daily witch planner, the Farmer’s Almanac Zodiac, and the list of Satanic Holidays I got from  Tomorrow is the full moon that is 1 day and 5 weeks after Summer Solstice.  This is a time of bon-fires, orgies, human sacrifice (mainly female – adult, child, and even animal sometimes), of course drugs and drunkenness.  Rape and pillaging gets thrown in for the fringe pirates.  Drinking human blood for the idiots, who think they are vampires.  My handlers, the IdIoTTwins are into that.  So the sacrifice is the death portion.  The drinking life and creating life through sex is the “life” worship.  To me that is the absolutely sickest combination of events.  It makes me feel like fainting and throwing up, which I have actually done as a reaction to the practices of these IdIoTTwins on me, many times.  Sometimes at the same time.  How’s that for “twin” torture.  Twin assholes.  And they love each other’s asses.  Incest just gets mixed right in with the orgies.  I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they have had sex with their mom and dad…maybe all at once…a big royal family orgy.

So I feel like crawling out of my own skin looking at all of this and I decided to play “The Dark Brotherhood” portion of Elder Scrolls Online to see what they are trying to teach us about how “cool” the devil-worshipping-dumbasses are.  It’s creepy.  You can see all about it on-line.  It’s a major game on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.  It’s been around as long as PC games have been around.  As in real life, you can play the nice parts of the game and skip the sick parts, which is what I have been doing.  But I am beginning to see how these people hide in plain sight.  I would never go where they go.  I would never know who they know.  I would never see what they see.  I would never hear the rumors that they hear.  It is exactly the same on the game.

And I was listening to Seven’s story on the Ramola D. YouTube channel.  I had no idea she was going to tell a very in depth horrifying story of her aunt and cousin being openly ritually sacrifice to high up Satan worshippers.  For all of us they call themselves “Luciferians”.  They worship the Arch Angel Lucifer, the Angel of light and music.  Well, that’s the same angel that fell and took a third of the angels with him.  According to the Christian Bible, this is Satan.  They say the Christian Bible is just written and pushed on people to lock them down and make the pawns for the establishment.  They pretend they are the fringe element when their organizations own most of the entire world and decide how people will be controlled.  One of their favorite things is “freeing” people with orgies and blackmailing them later.  Then they have complete control over the person.  Not sure what light and music has to do with that and I probably don’t want to know.

I had to run to the grocery store for a few things.  It was non-stop signaling and attacks all the way there and back home.  NON-STOP.  It was these same stupid life and death cult, lying, bullying, and trying to intimidate me that I saw on the calendar today, played on an Xbox game, and listened to on Ramola D’s.  They killed my sister in front of me.  They gave her cancer, scared her to death, completely isolated her and she died of cancer at home with no pain medication because of how they had trapped her and taken all her support away from her.  She died violently in horrific pain right in front of me.  She was 36 and I was 39 at the time.  And these guys are making a joke of it in the signaling while I was out in public.  When I wouldn’t laugh, they had some loud mouth crass woman at the checkout line yelling about how “she” didn’t appreciate her humor.  Then the other old crone said that you have to have a sense of humor to get along in this world.  I mouthed, “Then laugh off that I think you are fucking IdIoTTwins and I don’t like you.”  I’m not going to laugh it off.  You laugh it off that I hate your guts, you IdIoTTwins.  And I also said, “You don’t murder my sister in front of me in horrific pain and force me to smile and be nice about it.  Go fuck each other and shut the fuck up!”  Is that clear enough for you devil-worshipping-dumbass-idiots?

Sorry for the language, but more of them read this than any real person.  I want to make sure they understand what I am saying about them.  They are murdering, raping, lying bastards who are drug and alcohol addicts along with a whole absurd litany of sexual perversions.  One of the idiots keeps trying to tempt me with a foot-fetish’s of his hairy, sweaty feet.  I think any semi-normal person can understand why I would rather be fat and not have sex.  He’s a loud, sweaty, crude, stupid man and his brother is an identical twin, so he is just l like him but drunk all the time.  The fat one doesn’t drink so that it would interfere with his food gluttony.  You would have to be out of your mind on drugs, smoke, alcohol and orgy in the woods to have sex with any of those guys or gals.  The women are even grosser.  I had one that was a manager of mine, really I had two (of course, the twin theme), who were so ugly they were literally old crones.  Gross.  I have no interest in sex with any of them.  I don’t care how sexy they think their guts and toes are.

So if you can, stay in tomorrow.  If you have to interact with strange people, be aware.  And watch these videos of Ramola D’s interviews of Seven.  I’m so sorry she has been through what she has been through, but thankful that she shared.  She asked that people re-blog and I am doing that now.  Also these videos were from about a year ago around Summer Solstice time.
























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