To Cuss or Not to Cuss; That is the Question

To me cussing still seems juvenile, and the language of drunks and drug addicts who can’t think well enough to form real sentences.  It’s the language of idiots with no interpersonal skills and ability to express their emotions.  It’s like telling a grown up toddler to use their words and cursing is all they can think of.  On the other hand some people think it’s just emotionally charged language.  Some people still think it sounds tough, street smart, and intimidating.  Whatever our feelings about cussing, it has been in language for as far back as anything is recorded.  It will still be around long after we are gone.

What I want to do is pose a question.  Who benefits if an entire part of society does not use the same language as an even bigger part of society?  Why do we need to be separated by language usage and how to express overwhelming emotion?  It could be coincidence, but I don’t think we live in an age where anything is happening on the earth that isn’t being modified by powers we never even heard of.  They think this is their planet and they just let us live here.  So why would they push for this split in language to separate people?  What do they gain?

The people who traditionally cuss the most go through the most trauma.  Poor communities, communities full of violence and neglect, warriors, gangs, and many others.  But by and large most communities that accept a lot of cursing are communities who have gone through the most trauma.

Now, imagine someone wants that community separated so they can keep traumatizing them and guiding their behavior through stressors.  Maybe they are making money off of the wounded community; drugs, sex, drunkenness, violence, gambling.  What if part of the abuse was how you talked to the people to hurt them and get them to speak to one another that way?  And continue the cycle of reinforcing what the controller has already started?

What if part of the sexual exploitation had curse words as triggers?  What if saying the “f” word triggered in different people in the group different things; like one feels anger and wants to fight, one feels sexual stimulation, one feels fear from trauma terrors of being abused and reacts with fight or flight?  There could be almost endless examples.  Now imagine some poser comes into the group and to fit in is spreading cuss words everywhere and triggering all kinds of reactions so that total chaos breaks out.  Now the people, who you have so carefully traumatized and programmed with natural slang and cursing triggers, are completely out of control and in melt down?

Wouldn’t you use the cursing slang more than anyone else to try to keep control of your puppets?  And wouldn’t you shame any “decent or regular” person who cursed?  Wouldn’t you censor movies, books, music and such?  You want your tough guys listening to gangster rap while you have your docile guys listening to cry-in-your-beer country music?  You don’t want the girls learning about how to rape and kill, so you get them to listen to music without cursing and have their little teen aged heart throbs, while you teach select predators to hurt girls, boys, women through the really violent music?

I loved it in the Kay Griggs interview when she said that she could talk “Marine talk”.  She said she knew how they talked and she could do it.  She was a Christian, but she said she would take the liberty of cussing if she had to in order to get her point across.  I think that is going to be necessary as we move forward as a global society.  And even if a person just won’t cuss, they will still have to be able to listen past the cussing to the message in a lot of situations.  We can’t leave the traumatized and hurting people hanging out there just because they use the “f” word freely.  And if the cuss words are being used as verbal abuse on people as they grow up, it probably is best not to use it with them because it is a trigger.  It is a post traumatic stress trigger for them which means they will go into survival mode.  You do not want to fight or chase someone who has gone into fight or flight mode.

I really don’t have any idea of whether this line of thought has any substance to it.  I don’t know how I could prove it.  I will never see the real documentation of how people are mind controlled, but the split in our society between the way we use language is very distinct.  It seems forced, like there is a force behind it that is forming it in this way.

Just a thought…to curse or not to curse?

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