“Sombodies’ Daughter(s)”: The Sweetest Girls

Hi Everyone.

I recently watched two videos on TI Television YouTube channel titled “Somebodies’ Daughter”.  Both video interviews are very touching.  The girl being interviewed is the sweetest spirit.  Her name is Andrea.  I don’t have children of my own, but I have nieces.  To think of them going through what this poor girl has gone through is soul wrenching.  My nieces are very sweet and creative like the young woman in these interview.

During the interviews she says that she no longer wants kids because she doesn’t want them going through what she has gone through.  Yesterday, one of my nieces told me that she is pregnant.  I am thrilled beyond what I could ever express, and chilled with terror thinking of a little baby in a world that would torture these young women like they do.

All I can do is offer the bit of support I have.  I am re-posting these videos so that there is one more place on the web where they can be found.  I sincerely appreciate Andrea’s bravery, and my nieces bravery for having a child in this day and age.  I pray God blesses these strong, creative, kind-hearted women, and preserves them.  I don’t even want to think of a world where these wonderous beings no longer exist.

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