Police and Military Differences in Approaching the Need to Protect Citizens

I watched the discussion I am copying into this blog.  It is called “Police Corruption – Techno Crime Fighters’ Forum 68”.  It can be found on YouTube channels Ramola D. And Stop007.  I found this extremely enlightening.  I have had no idea how I could be part of such a complicated military style attack in civilian life.  I have never heard of the police being told not to even try to help some people.  There are a lot of issues involved in how these laws work.  Federal rights verses state rights.  For instance the military would function under federal law, but National Guard are sworn to both federal and state law.  The police function under state laws and union contracts, so the way they function should be much different from how the military functions.  Since 9/11 we all have realized that we are in some strange Wild West re-establishment in the new millennium.  After all the work put into getting the the Old West organized and relatively uniform laws across the entire United States, 9/11 happens and it’s all basically abandoned to goes back to every man for himself chaos.

My dad was sort of a wild child.  He wasn’t “hippie” wild.  He was more like Huck Finn wild.  He really did go fishing and hunting and stay in the woods for days on end.  He believed in respecting elders and would find older people in the community to talk to.  Mostly he listened to their stories.  He told my sister and I all kinds of eye witness accounts of turn of the 19th century events in Oklahoma.  It was still Indian Territory at that time.  It became a state in 1907.  My dad fished and hunted in Oklahoma before the huge Lake Eufaula was put in to make sure that the Dust Bowl never happened again.  Listening to my dad over the years I had a sense of history and how order came out of chaos.  Dad talked a lot about laws that were put in place after murders, robberies, and riots.  Without any police around, no sheriffs, a few US Marshals for all of Indian Territory, people had to deal with crime any way they could.  It was very harsh.  More people, more communication, more order, and communities started to grow.  The Old West stories were exciting, but dad had the attitude that we had to keep changing as the needs of community changed.  After 9/11 though, he was extremely upset about the turn society took.  We were going backwards in his opinion.  I didn’t see it at the time, but I sure see it now.  Back to just killing people and taking their land and resources.  Back to singling out groups, like the Indians in the Old West, and destroying everything about them.  Now they go right into our minds and try to change everything about us.  They don’t even have to show what they are trying to achieve.

With all of that in mind I listened to this YouTube discussion.  It is saddening and sickening to hear the worst parts of our past as a country just keep trying to take over the good about our country.  But as I listened I also heard discussion about ex-military going into law enforcement.  Someone said it seemed a natural fit with the training the soldiers get.  I can see why someone would think this, but it was an instant red flag for me.  The ex-military are notoriously hard to re-assimilate into civilian culture.  A soldier does not think like a policeman.  Soldiers aren’t about civil rights.  They give up their civil rights when they sign the contract for service in the military.  Everything is mission driven and chain of command.  No one questions anything if they don’t want to be made an example of.  My dad was Navy.  My husband was Air Force.  A lot of people we have known were military.  In fact, I would say I have been around more military people than civilians throughout my life.

I found on-line the “Enlistment/Reenlistment Document, Armed Forces of the United States”.  In part C, 9a, it states, “My enlistment/reenlistment agreement is more than an employment agreement.  It effects a change in status from civilian to military member of the Armed Forces.“.  When someone becomes a soldier it is made very clear that they are no longer civilians and they do not have the rights of civilians.  Basically they become property of the United States, just like a tank or helicopter.  Also throughout the Enlistment Document it states many ways that things can change in the contract against the soldiers will and they have to comply or else they are breaking the law.  Anything about their needs, their family and such does not matter.

Under the Enlistment Document part D. 15 is the oath the soldier takes.  “I __________ , do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  So help me God.”  This is the military mentality and it is drilled in them.  The training is such that they will follow orders to the point of death, so they don’t just snap back into being civilians after they serve.  Really, on a practical level, “once a soldier, always a soldier”.  “They follow orders”, as Kay Griggs said in her famous interview.  (Also on YouTube)

Now, lets look at the police.  Do they protect and serve?  Sort of.  The police contracts and even oaths are based on State laws and the Police Unions’ negotiated contracts between the police and the city they serve in.  It is nebulous to say the least.  It is not clear cut and nationwide uniform code like the military.  There’s a pretty good site I came across that goes into detail about police contracts across the nation.  It is CheckthePolice.org.  It even has the cities listed with problematic contract language that give cops all kinds of advantage in an internal affairs investigation.  It gives a very clear picture of what accusing a corrupt cop would involve inside the police departments.  It’s obvious the police cover for each other no matter what…sort of like a cult…or gang…or any other group that acts as one unit and does not question itself internally.

So what is going on here?  We have nebulous, unquestioned pseudo-military police and actual ex-military mixing.  How is that going to be structured?  Any way the ex-military want it to be.  They are never the same after being soldiers.  They will see chaos and set up military rule without thinking about it.  They have to have a chain of command, a mission, and smooth, unquestioning operation.

And to make things even more of a mess I found this New York Times article titled, “Justice Rule Police Do Not Have A Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone” by Linda Greenhouse, June 28, 2005.  This is talking about a Supreme Court ruling.  I can’t find whether it was ever overturned or not.  The thing that strikes me, though, is that if a military mind were to read this what would they notice?  “Do not have a Constitutional Duty”.  They swear to uphold the Constitution.  They follow orders.  This clearly states that the goal of the police according to Federal Supreme Court does not involve protecting someone.  And if they are programmed to defend the Constitution against threats that are foreign or domestic, then if you get put on some list that you are a threat….and there is no clear obligation to protect you…?  Utter chaos.  The police will most likely deal with everything “on a case by case basis”.  That was a favorite saying with the health department I worked for.  “Each case is unique, so we will review each one on a case-by-case-basis.”  In other words we will decide if it is important or not.  If you don’t like it, then go through the tedious, nebulous appeal process after you have waited forever for a formal reply, and hopefully you will just get lost in the shuffle and go away.

This stuff is actually very scary.  We really need to get back to being a real country and not just a war machine.  For the US, I think we have gotten to be a real country for about a blink of an eye.  I think we are the loyal, unquestioning guard dog-people for the entire world, via elite deep state, deep pockets.  And while we are used to fight their fights and entertain the world with their propaganda through Hollywood at the same time, they are just cherry-picking the world’s resources and making money off of us dutifully marching off to war.  The war machine makes the most money of all.  I’m really proud to be American.  I am not proud of the corruption in our governments all the way down to the “boots on the ground”.  I have a big heart for soldiers and police, but that makes me hate corruption in those groups even more.

Below is the YouTube discussion that got me started down this path today.  Thanks to the Techno Crime Fighters for all their dedication, hard work, and global suffering.  I am so very sorry you are all suffering the way you are.









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