Is Trump Going to Save Targeted Individuals?

I don’t hardly ever publically say anything about politics, but I feel the need to talk about this question:  Is Trump going to save us?

My gut instinct is to laugh at such a question.  How could anyone be so naive as to think that a person, who has a reigning position in the world’s corrupt elite, going to do anything for people they consider less than cattle?  They think of the common person as cattle and the targeted individuals are lower than that.  But when I let the question sink in, I sort of get it.  Even the meanest of these psychopathic elite believe in keeping a good image if possible.  They do good deeds to give themselves credit with the common people.  Politicians especially need a credible public image.  They have to help so many people…so maybe this group, Targeted Individuals, will win the lottery, so to speak.

I’m new to this Targeted Individual Community.  I am surprised to hear talk all over that Trump will save us.  And everyone bashes Obama.  I just want to share some nice things about former President Obama.  He may be as awful as all these people say, but I believe he and his administration helped me behind the scenes.

To set the scene it was 2011 and I was in my home alone.  I had had another day of targeting and it was still going on even while I was alone.  Noise attacks, military planes, military helicopters, and Cessna planes flying low over my house, and people “accidentally” hitting the walls of my house.  If you are targeted you know what I mean.  Sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, and 6th sense attacks 24/7.  I hadn’t slept in I don’t know how long…years.  I would say literally years.  For at least 2 solid years they kept smoke smell on me everywhere I went.  I don’t know how they did it.  I don’t know if they had some kind of gas they put in the areas I was known to go to, or if they just zapped a part in my brain and caused me to smell that all the time.  I could not rest at all with the smell of smoke on me all the time.  I would tie scarves around my nose and mouth with perfume on them or drier sheets tucked inside them.  I tried to breath with paint masks on.  I tried incense, diffusers, and all kinds of stuff.  I still smelled smoke.  it smelled like the house was on fire.

I was desparate.  I could tell I was going to end up either homeless and dead in Anchorage, or just dead from an accident or heart attack.  It was horrifying to know that the level of stalking I was under had to be government because it was coordinated on an infinite scale.  I was working for city government, which shouldn’t be a big deal.  Alaska is oil rich, though, so maybe something I saw involving money, business practices, or the way the city was steering the community in general was wrong and they thought I knew it.  I couldn’t figure out why they would stalk me and threaten me with death every day.  I started just screaming at the walls and the ceiling in my house.  I spilled my guts.  I argued my case.  I asked for help.  I asked for someone to let me know why…WHY.  I coulnd’t possibly know anything that would make the federal government go after me.  Almost every day when I went home I passed the Federal Building with the FBI in it.  As the covert stalking intensified, there was always a few of them standing out there and staring right at me as I drove by.  I told everything I was involved in that I thought the feds might be interested in.  I did everything to try to get off of whatever list I was on.

I didn’t know anything about nanobots, chem trails, implants, multi-generational stalking, targeted individuals and all the other information common in the TI Community, but I had bought a bug detector.  I found the areas where the bugs were.  They were in the walls.  It was like they were hard wired into the house.  It was like the house had either been built that way, or that it had been remodeled at some point and these things put in behind the wall.  I thought it might be possible that they were using the wiring in the house to listen to and watch everything.

It was all over the news that Google was storing masses of information on everyone. There were key word searches on everything spoken or written, public or private, and people were being monitored as possible terrorists.  I decided that I had to be on something like that already, so I might as well use it to my advantage.  I started screaming every day, “I am using the terrorist watch key words to send this message up as high as I can possibly make it go:  President Obama, Secret Service, Chiefs of Staff, FBI, Homeland Security, Oval Office, Navy….”  And there were other words like that I would add to my list as I remembered them.  I yelled out that I was a loyal American citizen who was trapped in Alaska and being hounded like a terrorist and I needed help.  There was no where in the entire state that I was safe.  My life was threatened daily and I needed protection.  The FBI would stand outside their building and glare me down.  I was scared.  I was boxed in everywhere I drove and then cars would randomly swerve on the icy roads and make me swerve.  Every single day I was afraid to leave my house.  I thought the odds of me having a car “accident” were very high.  I was horrified and confused and had no where to turn.  Please help me.  Please help me.  That’s the kind of stuff I would yell when I was by myself.  I would yell it over and over and over again.

Within a month different cars were escorting me home at speed limit speeds.  They were all black with the silver/chrome trim.  It looked like a motorcade.  There were tons of these cars everywhere I went after that.  The swerving to hit me stopped.  At work things got worse.  There was all this under the breath talking just loud enough for me to hear, “Snitches get stitches.  You are a party pooper.  Move on.  No one wants you.  Accidents happen.” And other silly, juvenile type threats.  The problem was that adult people were making these threats and they were tampering with my office, my food, and all the space to and from my car.

At the same time there were weird signals like a sticky note on the coke machine at work that said something like, “Thank you for your service.”  And “You are in.”  Little magnets I had with words on them were laid out on the floor to say something like, “We are here.”  It was creepy, but after all the cruel stuff that had happened to me it was sort of comforting.  I was hoping it wasn’t just a trap.  It took 6 years, but they finally got me out of Alaska.  In the mean time I didn’t have any “accidents”.

So, I can’t prove that President Obama or his administration had anything to do with that, but I completely believe they saved my life.  I certainly think he didn’t write me off as some nut, but let people investigate.  Some high level people started “moving on to new opportunities”, which I took to mean that they were told by someone with power to move on the way they had previously told me to move on.  And everywhere I turned there was the message, “Thank  you for your service to your country.”  It was comforting, but at the same time some very powerful, rich people truly hate my guts by now.  When I think of the “Thank you for your service,” I think of the Bible saying when we get to heaven God will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”  That’s all I really want.  So the “thank you” signals are held deep in my heart and cherished.

I just wanted to put a good word out for former President Obama.  I was saved from the worst part of this hell under his administration and I am very grateful for it.

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