“Brain Science to Improve Yourself: Train Yourself Like a Dog” Great Courses Plus, AND “Brain Science from Bench to Battlefield” Dr. James Girodano

Before I try to do anything like logical writing, let me just “blog” for a moment.  This is one of the reasons I don’t allow comments on my blog.  I’m sorry but to me the whole idea of blog is a verb synonymous with write your take on the subject.  I speak my mind and that’s it.  Sorry.  I don’t want to be trained like a dog or have my brain go from the bench to the battlefield.  And it is not open for discussion.  This is just “how it is” with me.  I am sick of the premis that the people who talk the most, win.  And now it’s getting even worse because they can just send an impulse into your brain and shut you up.  I have had stuff like that done to me.  My vocal cords would be frozen and I could not speak.  At the time I thought I was having a stroke.  Amazing coincidence!  Every time this happened as soon as the moment when I could have spoken had passed, I could speak.  It was like I was a computer set on pause.  So when I am reading and watching these crazy insulting threats against my mind and person couched in words that are politically correct, absurdly redundant, and obviously meant to overwhelm so no one says anything…I am upset.  This stuff isn’t hypothetical to me and a lot of other people.  Actually this isn’t just a “thought experiment” for a significant portion of people on the planet.  They don’t know it., yet.

So, now that I got some of that out, let me present what I have been witnessing.  And to me the fun of blogging is you can take this exact same material, post it, and blog about what you have to say about it.  It’s public discourse the old fashioned, newspaper-style.  Used to you just read the news, could reprint the article, and make the point you wanted to make.  You didn’t read an article and then have screen after screen of comments to sift through.  I feel like that is talking over the speaker.  Most of what is written is not asking questions or even real commentary.  It’s just more words.  We posted more words than your article so we win.  It’s not supposed to be a competition.  There’s no winning or losing.  It’s just thoughts that went through my mind as I watched these recordings.


I was watching Techo Crime Fighters on YouTube this week.  They discussed a YouTube video from Dr. James Giordano titled “Brain Science from Bench to Battlefield: The Realities – and Risks – of Neuroweapons”, CGSR Seminar 6/12/17, posted to YouTube on 8/29/17 on Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory channel.  When I looked up the video a similar video chosen by the AI of YouTube, and probably my sarcastic ghosts, was “How to Train Youself Like a Dog” on the Great Courses Plus channel.  Constant abuse.  Another time they were showing me that I am nothing but a dog to them.

After I watched the “Bench to Battlefield” video twice, and the “How to Train Yourself Like a Dog” video once, I realized that the complete package of abuse and insult in the titles perfectly reflects the content.  In “Bench to Battlefield” Dr. Giordano basically shows how all our brains are targeted, can be attacked, has potential to be brain hacked through illegal use if it fell in the wrong hands, and of course, the boogie man will getchya!  But don’t cry wolf or be a chicken little.  It’s just your brain.  It’s just your entire family, culture, animals, and even the land, but don’t be a cry baby.  In fact you should “Train Yourself Like a Dog” because that’s what we are going to do to you.    Then you will only be loyal and happy without the annoying tendencies of being human and all of that.  We just don’t have time for humans.  We need a world of dog-people.  Even apes would just be too much.  In fact, we have to do the same thing to apes we do to people and make them dog-apes.

I’m being absurd on purpose.  I am making the point that the absurd is not very far off from the truth.  I think if there ever was a time to cry, “The sky is falling!  And there’s a weird dog-person, like a big bad wolf at the door!” This is that time!

Here are notes I wrote as I listened to Dr. Giordano:

Passive, non-violent weapon.  Back to lobotomy for those “crazy” people who don’t agree with us or those who have resources we want.

”Soft weapon” for use by security and intelligence agencies.  Seriously?  This is supposed to be the gentle attacks?  I don’t agree with the soft or hard weapon use on our brains.

”Targeting the brain”…I think we already know that in the targeted community.

Goes on and on about “what makes you, you”.  What is this?  Are we dating the entire war machine now?  They don’t care what makes me, me!  When you join the military, you give up your civil rights.  That’s how it has always been done in the US anyway.  I don’t think that they are going to start using neuro-weapons as long as we are ok with it and it preserves our personalities; that something special about each of us…..

This jerk is actually defining weapon to us, like we are not familiar with the English language.  He says it is just “contending” with someone, like a competition.  Insulting.

Kill ‘em with our fancy word use: Integrative Scientific Convergence (ISC) in Neuroscience conjoins cyberscience/technology, anthro/societal services, natural sciences, biotechnology, nanoscience/technology.  See how he worked in the sexy word “technology” three times in a sentence?  Oh!  It’s technology!  Now I get it!

And he’s still rolling: “…focus on assessment, access and targeting of neural structure and cognitive, emotional, and behavioral function(s): Individuals, Groups”

Ok, so in our anthro/societal, social/cultural, symbolic coded communications amongst the human species this means, “We are targeting everyone and everything.  We are taking over your life/lives.  And don’t squeal about it.  We have ways of dealing with whiners.”

I think I am starting to see why the US has been called the melting pot of humanity.  They are trying to connect all our brains and are literally melting us together.  It’s “melting” in the way we weld a circuit board.  Or it is the “mind meld” from Star Trek.

You know, I used to think Star Trek was a cute little b-rate show, but I am becoming afraid of the vision in it as we move forward.  First of all it was started by Rodenberry who was in the…drum roll…NAVY.  And in it people are just given their speciality to do.  Not much emphasis on family.  Not a lot of emphasis on things although the marketing people have used it for rampant consumerism.  All that matters is that you are relatively safe, healthy, content, and most of all, useful.  And if Captain Kirk is the example of what we can expect for philosophy and deep reflective thought, we might as well be dog-people.

I believe we will get super powers through this nonsense.  But if you can leap a building in a single bound, you will have the IQ of a broom and more than one handler.  And yes; you will be trained like a dog.












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