For Posterity: Re-posting Important Information

Hi Everyone.  I have been busy spending some quality time with my husband.  I love being married.  It probably makes a big difference when you have a husband who saved your life, rather than an abusive husband.  I have been listening to Kay Griggs interviews again.  I can’t imagine being abused by a highly trained assassin.  I don’t know how she lived through it.  She has a child-like faith, though.  The New Testament says you have to have child-like faith to enter heaven.  I think people like her have a sort of special protection that is reserved mostly for children.  The New Testament says the angels of children are before the Lord night and day.  I’m reposting Kay Griggs’ main interview today just to have one more place on the internet where it exists.

The first time I watched this interview I didn’t want it to be true.  Mostly, though, I didn’t want to live in a world where this was true.  After listening to it a few times it is becoming my new reality.  I pray that I can be even half as brave as this lady.

Another group of strong women is the Techno Crime Fighters.  Ramola D., Karen Stewart, Katherine Horton, and Millicent Black; all very strong women.  I am reposting a YouTube video where they are talking about being strong women.  It’s very powerful, and at the same time, very cute.  I wouldn’t want to mess with those ladies.  Psychopaths be warned.  The funny thing about arrogant psychopaths is that you can tell them to their faces that you are going to destroy them and the fools just keep going down the same path.  The psychopathic “intelligence” people are goose-stepping to their inevitable doom.  These ladies and others like them are the doom.





















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