Military Precision 101: For Civilians

What I want to say in this is both simple and complex.  What makes it complex is the many redundancies.  The term “military precision” refers mainly to how the military soldiers has to dress and act.  It has nothing to do with how it operates  In parades or air shows you will see dazzling precision.  In reality everything has back up systems, back up systems to the back up systems, back up systems to the back up systems of the back up systems…..  I think you can see what I am getting at.

The internet is the perfect metaphor for the military/government/intelligence agencies.  It was started by the Department of Defense in the 60s supposedly to connect military to professors, but I find that a little too innocent a reason to spend all the money and time put into developing the internet.  If you want to read a little about how it all got started there is information on the History Channel site, but also all over the internet.  The website I looked at is  The internet started out as interconnecting computer networks.  In other words they had little groups of computers connected to each other and then they interconnected the groups of computers.  It’s decentralized so that there is no way to take down the whole thing.  If you take down part of it, there are still a lot of computers connected in groups and groups connected together.  Now it’s even on your phone and tv.  This is a simple, but complex example of how the military functions.

So, say you are on the Targeted Individual list.  You have a group assigned to survelle and harass you.  Then they are connected to each other, but also their group is connected to many other groups.  They are connected by the internet that the Department of Defense originally created and put into motion.  So they function like the military.  If one person is supposed to watch you, then there is a group they can draw from to watch you.  If one person is to tail you, then there is a network of groups they can draw from to tail you.  If you are supposed to see one street theater skit, then you will probably see a bunch of skits if you stay out in public long enough one day.

If the military has one target chosen for destruction, then they have, say, a half dozen active operations to destroy that target.

The way the military does one small thing is how they do huge complex things and vice versa.  You know you are targeted by some military type organization, probably money funneling down through civilian defense contractors, so the military can say they handed it off to someone else and have plausible deniability.  The point is that if you can figure out one pattern in your type of targeting, then you know the whole of it.  You can apply that in ever widening circles.

The thing that is really making me so very angry about all of this is that it is a very personal crime done by a huge war machine that doesn’t really even notice us.  It’s onautopilot.  If one group quits targeting you, then another will just take it up and start doing the same things with their groups’ “signature” so to speak, but it’s the same kinds of attacks over and over and over.

The redundancy of it is soul-numbing.  Eventually you just want out no matter what the cost.  You come to realize that while humans are doing this, you are basically a target in a computer simulation.

This both saddens and comforts me.  I’m not a bad person.  I’m not perfect, but I am just a person, who got put on a list to be placed in a computer simulation.  On the other hand since I am human, I should have never been placed in something as inhumane as a computer simulation.

It’s torture on autopilot.

We can’t get rid of these groups like defense contractors any more than we can get rid of the internet.  But we can influence how the technology is used.  We have to get the attention of someone and keep at it.  Just like a little thing like your name on a list can destroy your life, put their name on your list and do what you can.  In this system changing one little thing can make changes throughout the whole huge system.  We don’t want other people and kids coming up after us to have to live like humans in a computer simulation.  You count.  Do what you can.  Even the tiniest thing really does help everyone.

On a side note, I finally get to see my husband again.  I’m sure we will be tortured, but it’s worth it to be with someone you love.  I haven’t seen him since February, and we only get two weeks together, so I doubt I will be writing much.  I feel like when he was in the military, stationed overseas, and I only got to see him every once in a while.  Those times are always special.

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