Smear Campaign from the Narcissist Point of View

Every single Targeted Individual has a smear campaign run against them.  Mine has involved many different smear campaigns being run by different people at the same time…including my own mother.  Unfortuately for “normal” people the smear campaign will most likely come from a romantic partner; well, romantic at the beginning in the seduction phase.  But this can also come from a boss, co-worker, someone in an organization you are in, neighbor, or potential friendship.  If you are a Targeted Individual it will probably come from all these people and possibly even your own family.

The smear campaign is that you are so horrible that you should not be allowed to live.  Supposedly you are a predator living off of children as a pedophile, or oddly a woman being a prostitute.  I am not advocating for prostitution, but even in this demented underworld, once again, women are held to a higher standard.  A man has to be a pedophile for people to turn on him.  A woman has to sleep around and possibly because she needs money, and the community should shut her out and kill her.  It doesn’t make sense and that’s why it works.  You keep trying to apply logic to it, and it is not logical except from the point of view of someone getting something from you.

I’ve had the loose woman/prostitute smear campaign run on me for my entire life.  Then wives don’t want to let their husbands help you out and don’t want their kids around you.  No upstanding person wants you in any “decent” organization, including church.  And sleazy men you turn away act like you led them on and then just attacked them.  I am often referred to as a Black Widow.  Like I am marrying men for money and then killing them.  I have only been married to my husband since we were teenagers.  We have the sweetest marriage.  But for people who believe the smear campaign we are supposedly con-people who are just that good.  We can seem nice and loving, but according to the lies we are just doing it as an act to take advantage of people.

I’m reading a book called “Smeared” by HG Tudor.  It is more of a relationship book than a book for targeted individuals.  He is a self professed narcissist helping out people because of the trouble he has caused.  I don’t really get that vibe off of it.  It comes across more as him bragging and sort of dismissive of people in general.  He has a very pompous way of communicating using either the royal “we”, or speaking for all narcissists everywhere.  It’s very strange.

But the Information is good.  He will tell how to fight a smear campaign by the end of the book.  It might have some useful tips, but I don’t think it’s going to completely help when fighting a smear campaign from the FBI, big defense contractors, people actually making money off of the smear campaign against us, and then the trickle down effect with that kind of pressure behind it.  I really don’t know how we can beat that.  But although it is naive in many people’s minds, I think simple is best.  Down to earth is good.  And being a good person to the best of your ability is its own reward.

Here’s a little information from the beginning of the book.

“We regard those we interact with as sources of fuel. Fuel is what drives our kind and is the emotional reaction directed towards us by a person or persons.”  This sounds a lot like how the people who consider themselves vampiric believe.  Also people who believe in sacrifices.  They think they get the energy of the soul from others.  It’s creepy stuff that I don’t pretend to understand.  I just know it’s out there and you might run into them.  I have.  I didn’t like it.  They did their best to use me.  I played along because I was in a place where I couldn’t get away.  They really thought they hooked me and are still trying to do the pupeteering thing where they pull at my emotional strings about that time and there’s nothing there.  I never fell for it like they thought I did, but because of the cruelty and because I could tell it was an elaborate con game, I felt pressure to just pretend until I could escape.  No way I would go back to those people.  No way.

Then it turns out they are there all along.  They are behind the scenes of my life cause catastrophes.

Because of the nature of this targeting they have information about me all the way back to infancy.  They know I had books as a child that had fairy tales and princess stories in it.  They try to even work on my childhood stories like that.  I don’t want to be a princess.  I never have.  That is just some books I was given before grade school.  I also got books about animals.  I always loved animals.  I wanted stuffed animals, not dolls.  Well, that doesn’t work for the narcissist as you may imagine.  So if you are an animal lover, they may tolerate a dog or cat, but don’t expect them to be really nice about it.  You are their dog or cat.  You should show all your love and devotion to them, like a dog, but you have to look like a princess or whatever they look like.  You are there to compliment them, not to have your own life.  They only find out what you like to use it or change it.

Personally, I think when you get narcissists marrying, especially each other, you get these insanely elaborate and showy weddings.  And people who are all about themselves have to find the perfect person to make them look good, so be careful if they talk about soul mates.  There’s some people like that, but they are very rare.  Usually soul mate means you are just like them and they are just like you, but really it’s just you being compliant to anything they want.

I’ll write more about it as I read more.

If you have Amazon Prime you can get this book for free on Kindle.

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