“Dangerous Personalities” – The Predator and the Parasite…Psychopaths

Psychopaths are fairly familiar to all of us.  We use slang like “psycho” to describe a person acting crazy.  We have psychos in movies and movies titled “Psycho”.  Psycho can be used to describe a crazy ex or a horror staple like, Michael Meyers.  In the book “Dangerous Personalities” by Joe Navarro, he has chosen to call psychopaths predators.  He begins the chapter with these words, “The eyes fixed on mine were unblinking, reptilian, and utterly calm.”  The eyes of a human predator.

I added parasite.  These people may start out stalking and deciding when it is best to attack, but after they attach themselves to you, nothing short of your death will satisfy them.  They can drag it out for years and decades.  While you are trying to live a normal-ish life, they are draining your energy, finances, social circle, sphere of influence, spirit-soul-and-body.  They are like ticks or leeches.  The ones I have to endure like to glamourize themselves as vampires, but they are really like ticks.  They are disgusting, have their whole heads buried into my life, and are sucking my life blood.  Telling a person plagued with a predator/parasite to just ignore them and go on with life is like telling someone being mauled by a bear while plagued by ticks to just ignore it and shake it off.  All I have to say to those types of people is, “If you think it is so easy, then you do it.”  These are usually the people whining if someone speaks to them in a sharp tone.  They have no idea the agony we are enduring and the true strength we have to be able to function at all while being attacked and drained at the same time.

A quote from the book that describes the parasitic nature of these predators is, “They unnerve us when they become too friendly too quickly and then latch on with too much familiarity.”

Some parts of the chapter I marked as being applicable to my situation are:

”Predators really have only one goal: exploitation.  They do what we can’t imagine, easily and repeatedly.  They live to plunder, rob, victimize, or destroy.”  The ones I have on me like the ideal of being Vikings and pirates.  They are extremely emotionally immature.  This is really how their minds work.  They are spoiled little boys in adult male bodies.  I’m not saying that is the exact kind everyone is dealing with.  I am saying that is my particular thorn-in-the-flesh.

This bunch I have to deal with have gone as far as to have people start conversations with me and then go off on a tangent about how it is the heritage of white males, particularly European white males of which they are, to rape, steal, and kill.  They say it is part of their Viking heritage.  This arguement was seriously made to me in a rant from a customer in a store I was working in, “If Indians get to follow their heritage and wear their long hair anywhere, then I should get to follow my heritage of Vikings and be able to rape, plunder, and kill.”  At the time I laughed because I thought it was just an outrageous satirical joke.  Who would compare someone’s hair style heritage to inhuman actions of ancestors who violated everyone they came in contact with?  That would have to be a joke, right?  And there’s nervous laughter.  I was hoping it was a joke and this fool wasn’t telling me that he was going to rape me or someone else.  Since I laughed like it was a joke, he laughed too, but…I definitely got the reptilian look mentioned above.  Little did I know they already had the technology and were raping me.  I thought my hormones were out of whack, but it was these predatory/parasitic monsters feeding off of my life already.  And they were telling me that it was their heritage, their right, to rape me.

”They see us either as opportunities or as obstacles in fulfilling their needs.”

”Our trusting nature puts us at a disadvantage with these personalities, as they’re unfettered by emotional attachments, conscience, morals, laws, or ethics.  For them life has no stop signs.  Rules, regulations, restrictions, locks, or fences are mere inconveniences to work around.  And because you and I play by the rules, they view us as saps, losers, or objects of contempt, worthy of devaluation, derision, abuse, and perhaps elimination.”

”They know how to hide in prestigious organizations – perhaps a hospital, a charitable organization, a police department, a school, an athletic program, or a church – aware that occupational legitimacy confers both access and cover for their predation.”

”He charmingly lies, cheats, and steals or lives parasitically off the hard work of others.  If you run into him, he’ll have a smile for you.  And why not?  Others have sacrificed their lives for him.  Maybe you will, too.”

”So while predators may differ in scope, scale, and specifics, they all share some commonalities:  They take but don’t give, they put others at risk, they are callous and contemptuous, and they lack concern for others, even loved ones.”


No empathy, no remorse, no conscience.  One of the twins told me to my face that he didn’t love his live in girlfriend or their son.  He could walk out any time.  It didn’t matter to him.  I thought he was just hurt and lashing out.  After all the hell those twins have put me through, I know he was saying the truth.  And he didn’t care about me then and still doesn’t.  Neither one of them care about me at all for all the show they put on otherwise to everyone behind the scenes in my life.  If you know them and are reading this – they don’t care about you either.

Cold, Callous, Calculationg, Controlling….check.

Many urges, few controls, no reflection…should be the epitaph on their graves.


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