“Dangerous Personalities” – The Paranoid

It’s been an interesting day for me to have this topic on my mind.  I am continuing through Joe Navarro’s book, “Dangerous Personalities”.  I read about the paranoid personality and saw some signs of myself and all the targeted individuals I can think of.  I remember my Dad saying throughout my life that such-and-so person wasn’t just harassing Dad because the person had an annoying personaity, but that they were doing it on purpose.  I really thought my Dad was paranoid and had a mental problem, but he was still loveable, so no big deal.  Now I know he was completely right.  So while paranoid personalities like the one that caused The Jonestown Cult are definitely dangerous, it also seems dangerous to not listen to the paranoid.  At least entertain that they might be right and how would that work, and what could a person do to help.

Also after writing the “Dangerous Personality” blog yesterday about unstable personalities I had a black SUV in front of my house.  The windows on the SUV were impossible to see into.  I walked up to it and took pictures.  I tried to see if anyone was inside, but I didn’t see a thing.  I took pictures of it throughout the morning/early afternoon to have pictures with time stamps on them in case something happened.  Around 1 pm they left.  I never saw anyone get in or out of the car.  Was that done to intimidate me?  Did it have anything to do with me other than being a SUV parked in front of my house on a public street?  I don’t know.  That’s why I took the pictures.  I think that kind of caution is healthy “paranoia”.  It’s not really paranoia in my opinion.  There is something odd happening, so it is wise to be cautious.

As I read the chapter on the paranoid personality, I began to wonder if my tormentors are paranoid?  Are they some conspiracy theorist people afraid of everyone including their new neighbor?  Is my mere presence an unknown that is stressing them?  Not all of them.  Some are just getting paid.  But others…maybe.  I could see that that might appeal to some people.  Alaska is notorious for dooms-dayers moving up there and digging in.  They don’t trust anyone or anything on the entire earth.  I worked for municipal government.  Of course, they would think I was a threat.

But further than that, I wondered if the IdIoTTwins, my real targeted tormentors who fuel this whole attack on my life, are paranoid.  Do they think everyone is out to get them?  Do they not trust anyone?  Do they interpret everything through a veil of suspicion and fear?  Judging from things that have been done to me particularly from my husband that were things I knew he didn’t think of, I think they are paranoid.  Do these guys have every dangerous personality you can have?  I think at a certain point when a person’s humanity is compromised and they are doing drugs, worshipping the dead, and spouting nothing but apocolyptic predictions that they can devolve into having all the main dangerous personality traits.

So here’s a few things I am basing this conclusion on.  My husband in general is the kind of guy who thinks women should be treated special.  He is generous and understanding with women.  When he is like a possessed person…a person possessed with the same personality as these creepy twins…he says stuff to the effect that women are liars.  He will scoff at the idea of an honest woman.  They are all seductresses, liars, trying to get your money (which makes no sense because we are not rich like the twins), and will manipulate and use a man like a puppet.  Cannot trust any woman.  Also women brought evil into the world.  All suffering in the world is the fault of women.  And at a church meeting the oldest elder, a man, got up and said, while looking right at me, that women in other parts of the world get beaten with sticks as long as they are smaller in diameter than a man’s thumb.  That’s what the “rule of thumb” saying means.  He said women in America should quit whining.  I didn’t say anything, but another woman in the class tore him apart.  She left, showing she was not going through the classes to join that church.  I never went back to a class that old man taught either.  But, like I have said before, these people send other people to represent the rich and powerful behind the scenes.  If I am hearing the same message from all kinds of sources, it is the IdIoTTwins telling me what to do, how to think, and how to act.

My Dad came to take me for a trip to where he had graduated college when I was in my early twenties.  I was excited, but when he showed up, I was scared.  As we started on the trip it was obvious he had been drinking.  Then he got out a beer and was drinking while he drove.  He started telling me that it was not a big deal for a man to hit a woman.  Sometimes they just asked for it and there was nothing else you could do with them.  I had chills.  I was in shock.  This was exactly the opposite of how he had raised me.  I had never heard him talk like that.  Looking back, I think these rich people behind the scenes would make him do stupid stuff, so he drank to a) take the edge off, and b) know that I would not believe it or take it seriously since he was drunk.  He didn’t just say a little to me that night.  He went on at length about how he had spoiled mom and if he had hit her maybe she would be a better wife.  I was newly married and Dad was telling me to just expect that sometimes my husband might have to hit me and that’s just how it was.  I couldn’t believe my ears.  Dad had always said that if anyone ever hurt me that he would kill them.  He expected James to protect me.  But out of the blue, this was the junk he was saying.  It’s the only time he ever talked like that, too, so I think it was a complete set up.  These IdIoTTwins and their family really are afraid of strong women.

These IdioTTwins think women are weak, confused, unable to make clear decisions, inherently perverted and evil, liars, manipulators and users, and that all women are whores at heart.  Some just pretend to be demure, but really they are supposedly either in denial about their real selves or blatant liars.  You can’t tell those idiots that you don’t want to be flirted with, especially in an agressive way.  They won’t listen.  They make jokes about a woman’s honor and chastity like it’s the most crazy thing they ever heard.  These guys are idiots, but they are dangerous too.

I hope my husband and I survive them.

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