No Targeting! Freedom for the Individual! T-Shirt

I had this T-shirt made for the upcoming Targeted Individuals Day 8/29/2018.  The crossed arrows mean friendship in some Native cultures. On the front it says, “No Targeting!  Freedom for the Individual!”  On the back it says, “Freedom for Targeted Individuals Day August 29, 2018,”. I am already wearing it.  No reason not to.  I feel like I am part of something bigger than me and not so alone when I wear it.

I think this way it is peaceful.  No one can say I can’t hand out fliers or fight with me about what it says on MY t-shirt, as long as it is not offensive.  I can take it anywhere I can go.  In other words I may not be able to hand out fliers at the grocery store, but I can walk up and down every aisle wearing this shirt.

In case you are a plus sized lady like me, I found this shirt at  I was also able to buy just one.  Many sites want you to buy in bulk for customized t-shirts.

For the football fans out there or even if you are around football fans…there is a new-ish rule in football called “no targeting rule”.  It’s been talked about a lot.  You can find out about it on the internet.  In general it means that a player can’t purposely tackle in a targeted fashion, like making himself a human weapon.  I plan to make a shirt or bumper sticker or something that says the same thing this shirt says, but with a football themed icon on the shirt.  People will read it before they even realize what the topic is about.  They will think it is football.  And most people agree at least in part with the “no targeting rule” so hopefully that will help them apply that same reasoning to what is happening to us and think we shouldn’t be targeted either.

If only money wasn’t involved we would win in a heartbeat.  People do a lot of rationalizing when they are getting paid to do something.

Thanks for reading.  Until next time….

Back of the t-shirt:










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