Butterflies to Turtles?

It’s fairly widely accepted now that MK Ultra mind control testing on children, prisoners, people in mental institutions, and other vulnerable populations was conducted by the CIA.  One program of mind control was called the Monarch program after the Monarch butterflies.  Those butterflies live for one day.  They try to reproduce and then they die.  They have one mission in life and then they die.  Some people say that it’s part of the monarchy in Britain and that’s part of why they call it “monarch”.  Supposedly all this stopped in the 70s.  People in general think it is still going on, but we just don’t know the code word yet.

I would like to present this idea for food for thought.  Does the code word have to do with turtles?  Specifically baby sea turtles.  The sea turtle mom lays her eggs in the sand on the beach and leave.  Baby turtles hatch and have to try to make it to the ocean so they have a chance to live.  Most get eaten by birds while they are still on the beach.  More are killed as they are swept into the water by diving birds, seals, and such.  So all these babies are released into the wild with no parents to help them.  Most die.  The few that live are supposed to be the strongest, smartest, stoutest.

There’s a few things that make me think we are in the age of the turtle.  On a personal level my sister was crazy about turtles.  As a child she would cry over them and tell us that the heart can beat for a long time after it is dead.  Why was she obsessed with that?  Someone had to tell her that, I think.  Why did they tell it to her in such a way that she was identifying that strongly with it?  Like they were sending her a message.

The Ninja Turtles were oddly popular from the 80s forward.  I remember making fun of my brother-in-law while we were all teenagers for buying the comic books.  I never thought they would be popular with everyone.  He argued that these Ninja Turtles were the next great thing.  And they were for quite a while.  They keep trying to bring them back too.  Oddly, pop culture is where these people brag about what they are doing to society.  The family structure has been pressured from all sides since the 70s and 80s.  That’s when the term “latch key kid” came into use.  Kids basically having to raise themselves because their parents were to busy to care for them.

Now we have kids walking in schools and killing other kids.  That started in the 90s.  The children today know more about the phones, computers, technology than the adults to, so they are sort of pioneering navigating this crazy internet and all the onslaught of information and disinformation.  It’s confusing to adults who are already familiar with all the topics on the internet.  But I can’t imagine what it must be like to just be introduced to a topic and then have an entire river of conflicting information poured on.  And then the social part!  Kids connected 24/7.  It can be good or bad.  Some children can’t escape bullies (predators feeding on them) attacking them, some are being tempted by child molesters in ways that make the old staple warning, “don’t take candy from a stranger” seem like a joke….  You get the idea.  Even when adults are helping kids now, I feel the kids are having to do the hardest part of the work.

I have no proof, but that’s how I see it.  I would compare the Information Age Kids as baby sea turtles making their way through life against a huge ocean of odds against them.  I am very proud of them for all the hard work they do that we hardly even understand.  I hope they learn to not hurt one another, but to help one another.  That’s the best life you can hope for.

Thanks for listening.

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