We Are Living the Stanford Prison Experiment

You have probably heard about the Standford Prison Experiment where students were assigned to be either wardens or criminals to see what would happen.  Criminals acted like criminals.  Wardens acted like wardens.  Some criminals harassed other criminals to appease the wardens.  It was abandoned after 6 days.  It was ran by the Navy.

I have a theory about the navy worldwide.  Many many countries have navies or some sort or other.  There’s more water on the earth than land.  I don’t drink, but if I drank alcohol every time navy appears in anything to do with anything weird…mind control, weird weapons, UFOs which you would think would be the domain of the Air Force, human experimentation, weapons experimentation, even biospheres and food growth, strange animal experiments…I would be drunk most of the time.  I listen to these videos, read books and websites, and everytime I see or hear “navy”, I call it out.  Sort of my own private joke.  The navy is everywhere, not just in the ocean. <sort of joking>

The British are insanely proud of their navy.  My dad was in the Navy and he said it is completely self-contained.  They have their own land troops, Marines.  They have their own Air Force.  They can control the surface of the waters and below the waters.  They have huge naval ships that are basically complex cities floating in the oceans.  And here we stumble on the Navy again.  For some reason the Navy needed a college university, while it has how many soldiers to practice on? — Needed to practice on civilians, not soldiers, how prison inmates and wardens or their guards interact.  Why does the Navy need to know that?  Were they in charge of the prison system for civilians?   Are they now?  Or did they need to see how a civilian population reacted to martial law?  I’ll let you decide.  I, of course, do not have the answer.

And why is there this plaque basically bragging about the experiment that was supposedly a failed experiment.

I have noticed that whoever is in control of my targeting likes to try to make me feel I am a criminal and deserve what is happening to me.  They manage to get powerful sermons to me about confessing sins to be forgiven.  I have long had directed dreaming though I did not know what it was.  When I would pray out loud, only when I prayed out loud, about something I was repenting of that would be the theme of several dreams in a row. And no matter how much I repented or apologized in the dream, I was destroyed.  These people pull up prayers I made as a child and still try to make me feel bad for it.  When I got saved I said I wanted to repent for lying to my mom.  They have used that to say I am a liar for my entire life.  My mom reminds me of it whenever I am not acting in a way she wants me to or just to hurt me.  She gloats over me about it.  She says she was always too honest.  The only reason people don’t like her is because she is too honest.

The lie, by the way, that I felt so bad about as a child…I heard mom calling for me to come in from playing and I hid behind a tree so I could stay out playing longer.  That’s my horrendous criminal behavior that I have been punished for cruelly since I was 6 years old.

I noticed after my sister died and I could no longer function and had to go into therapy that there was this reoccurrent theme that guilt was why I couldn’t feel better.  I felt guilt and that’s why I had PTSD is how the therapist acted.  I admitted many times I had survivor’s guilt.  That would be swept aside as “just normal”, like I had to have some deep dark guilt to feel so bad after watching my sister die a violent and cruelly painful death.  Like there was something wrong with me.

This is what I believe is being done to us on purpose.  I think we are treated like criminals.  Eventually we lose our tempers, give up, or worse turn on others hoping to make them targets so we are spared.  Fight or flight.  If you flee you are supposedly guilty.  If you fight you are supposedly guilty.  If you do something mean to your innocent neighbor to be spared, you really have done something criminal.  Anyway it goes they have you.  You can hide by being silent for a little bit, but eventually they will make your life so miserable you will have to react.  No one gets to ignore the “prison warden”.

I’m fighting with this blog, listening to hours of information on the internet about and/or by targeted individuals and whistleblowers, because I know my attackers look at and listen to what I look at and listen to.  I pray silently.  I never “confess”.  I know they will send people across my path and have built into shows, lectures, and some other way get in my path the need to confess or die.  It will be put like this; if you confess your sins you will be saved.  That’s true.  If you confess to Jesus.  Doesn’t say I have to confess to any person.  And I don’t.


Today I have been listening to a chilling interview with Kay Griggs on YouTube.  It is called “Kay Griggs Reveals Evil Underbelly of Military and Government – Must See!!! Full Interview 1998” on American Movement YouTube channel.  Don’t listen to it if you are in a very vulnerable place right now.  But if you can stomach it, you really should watch it.  It’s very long. 7 hours 44 min, but it has been worth is so far.  I am going back to watching and listening.

I wish all the kind and good and truly brave people all the best that could possibly happen to you.  Much comfort and kind thoughts from me to you.

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