Summer Solstice 2018

Summer Solstice is another thing that belongs in the gruesome and the good category.  While it is the longest day for growing anything, it is also the time that some people on the earth destroy life in power frenzied rituals.  Many people get married on Summer Solstice, while others chose to sacrifice children.  People come together in big celebrations, while targeted people like us are isolated from everyone.  To isolate someone on the longest day of the year is to succeed at some evil deed and the power hungry get a big charge out of it.

I was up early this morning with a splitting headache, extreme aching pain in my hands, feet, and spine, and stomach cramps.  I also could smell a skunk, literally.  I think all of this can be done through a variety of ways, but none of them are magic.  They are weapons, electronic brain assaults, and a house pre-rigged by my torturers.  They use any holiday or special day in the year to hurt me worse than usual.  I am sure they are doing the same for all the other targeted individuals.

In the Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2018 there is a tiny article by Tiffany Lazic titled “Litha: The Triumph of the Sun”.  It states: “In direct oppositional reflection of Yule, Litha celebrates the zenith of Sun’s strength or, in mythic terms, the ‘attanment of adulthood’ for the Divine Child.  With the work of getting the future harvest in the ground done and the work of reaping still ahead, the summer season allows for a moment of respite.  There is the knowing that each day from this time forth inches toward the dark, cold winter months, but , for the moment at least, the full force of the Sun’s power is enjoyed.  In ancient times, bonfires, which reflect the intensity and heat of the Sun, were lit at the top of hills.  From these heights, wheels of straw were set on fire to be rolled downhill, presumably into bodies of water.  Grains especially depend upon the delicate interplay of hot Sun and nourishing rain.  Litha celebrations acknowledge the life-giving gift of the Sun

”In the inner landscape, this is a perfect time to take stock of where we are at.  Picture yourself having attained the top of the hill after long effort, viewing the journey thus far.”

There are seemingly endless myths, stories, and anecdotes about summer solstice, but there are reoccurring themes.  Light and dark, fertility and death, growth towards harvest, sun-moon-stars, and fire…lots and lots of fire.  Fire represents the sun.  It reminds me of burning off land to get better crops, the devastation of fire burning out of control, warmth to chase away the cold, and funeral pyres.

Some things I have gleaned about these scary satanists is that they hate the light and will do anything to lessen the idea of light and life.  So they take and make the fires into funeral pyres.  In the spirit of burning, they burn up life.  They snuff out the light as in killing people to get their light supposedly.  And they turn fertility rites into rape, and life affirmation destroyed by sacrificing women and children.

I’ve read that people skilled at sacrificing other humans can insert a needle in the back of the neck while a person is killed and extract the adrenaline produced at death.  It’s the strongest adreneline because it is when we fight hardest to live.  They don’t drug people and kill them for this reason.  They want that adreneline rush.  It is said that it is worth a fortune.

Also there are child abductions up to summer solstice so they will have children to rape and sacrifice.  I want to think these things can never happen in the United States, but a ridiculous amount of kids go missing here every year.  And that is the children we know about.  I don’t even want to think what happens to unreported children, like the immigrants.  They have found whole networks of tunnels used for taking children unseen from one location to another and then transporting them from some place you would never expect to look to other places you would also never think to look at.

I watched an excellent video on these sorts of crimes on a YouTube Channel called Light of Life Productions.  This video was titled, “Whistleblower: Retired FBI Senior Special Agent Exposes Secrets”.  Theodore L. Gunderson is the Special Agent speaking.

Have fun if you can.  Stay safe no matter what.  We need the good people.  Don’t let them pick you off or get your family members.

Until next time.

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