New Moon before Summer Solstice and Satanic Ritual Abuse

Personally, I love the seasons.  I love how the moon moves, how the planets seem to dance.  It’s reflective, poetic wonder to me.  But unfortunately the gruesome exists.  There are people, some of them seriously rich and powerful, who use these major celestial events to cause as much trauma and destruction as they can.  Why would they do that?  They are mentally ill.  They think they get power by bringing negative energy and negative frenzy on the earth.  Also in the more ritualized sects with people of power, they all do these illegal things as sort of a pact among killers and theives.  If they rape and murder in front of one another or all together, then they have evidence on one another and a vow of silence is made between all of them.

So, why can’t a bunch of crazy jerks just make an agreement of some sort on promise of death if they break it?  That’s crazy, but it doesn’t involve killing a child or raping a child.  These people are superstitious.  They are completely ruled by numbers, symbols, and in their opinion, luck.  They think they can use those things to get what they want.  In the end they are completely selfish and only want to get their way.  Even if they give to a charity or do some other “good deed” to “balance” the bad that they do, it is still completely for selfish reasons.  They just want to win.  It’s that silly, juvenile, insane, and disgusting.  They will lie, cheat, murder, steal, bribe, cast spells, do “dirty deeds done dirt cheap”, fight, backstab…anything you can possibly think of to win – that is what they are willing to do.

Everyone and everything, even the moon phases, are just items they can use to empower themselves and give themselves an edge on the competition.  And all of humanity and the earth is in their path.

So, it’s the New Moon tonight.  The earth, moon, sun are lined up in such a way that we can’t see the moon or will only see the tiniest sliver.  Get out your telescopes and have hours of fun.  Can be a cool night for finding constellations without the moon light dimming them from view.  Or you could prepare to rape women and children, kill people, have an orgy, get really high and drunk, burn things to have lots of fire, and go into some insane frenzy to gain energy and power to kill even more people be even more out of control and eventually burn out and be killed by the next generation coming up.

We are one week away from Summer Solstice.  It’s amazing every year.  Longest day of the year.  Nice day to be out on the water if you can.  Go fishing, have a picnic, cook out on the grill, take the dog for a nice long late evening walk….  Or murder and mayhem.

I wish these devil worshipping psychos did not exist, but they do.  I don’t consider them a real religion because their entire religion revolves around hating another religion, Christianity.  What other “religion” does not have their own beliefs but spend all their energy trying to descecrate and destroy another religion?  That is not a religion.  It is a hate crime.  It is crimes against humanity.  It is an abomination to all people on the earth.  These people gave up their rights to be part of humanity when they started feeding on humanity to try to use us as slaves, abuse us, and throw us away in varying degrees.  People who spend their lives destroying other humans should be locked away for life at the very least.  I do not think the death penalty would be disproportionate punishment for what they are doing on the earth.

Even as I write this women and children are being trafficked especially in preparation for Summer Solstice.  Targeted individuals, like me, who have satanists torturing them every day of their lives, know that these attackers are planning some special cruel abuse for us for the Summer Solstice.  I wish there was something I could do.  That’s why I am writing this little blog that won’t be seen by many, but maybe it will help someone.

For those who want to mock the Bible, mock these verses and know that your time is limited before you answer for your actions.

Luke 17:2 ESV “It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin.”

Matthew 18:10 ESV “See that you do not despise one of these little ones.  For I tell you that in heaven their angels always see the face of my (Jesus’) Father….”

And for you “fathers” teaching your children to hate, be angry, attack, and use others, this verse is for you:  Eph. 4:29 ESV “Father’s, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.”  How dare you raise your children to feed on us and our children!  This is not acceptable.  We do not accept being enslaved, mutilated, attacked, stalked, and used for your pleasure and power.  We do NOT accept it!  These are our bodies, NOT yours!  These are our lives, NOT yours!  We will not bow.  We will not turn the other cheek while women and children suffer and are murdered.  We are not going to be silent.

I did not make a pact with any of you.  I did not take an oath to satan.  I am appalled that so many people can worship a fallen angel instead of God, the Creator of the universe.  An ex-angel of light is not at all a god, much less THE God.  He doesn’t compare to Jesus, either, the Son of God.  An angel is not equivalent to the Son of God.  If you weren’t directly attacking the Bible I wouldn’t even mention these Biblical references, but supposedly you know them already and this is what you are defiling.  You can rail against God and Jesus until you are dead and rotting in hell, but it will not change that an angel is NOT a god.  Not by a long shot.  It’s just stupid.

You act all sneaky and smirking, like if we just knew what you are up to we would be so shocked and amazed.  Well, you are partially right.  We can’t believe anyone could be so stupid, selfish, and basically cannibalistic feeding off of your fellow humans?  We are shocked and appalled.  But we do not envy you.  We are not impressed.  We don’t secretly wish we could be doing the sick, psychopathic crimes you are doing.  You are wrong.  We know what you are doing, and we absolutely do not accept it.  We don’t think you are more powerful than us.  We think you are mentally ill idiots who need to be drugged until you can barely remember your names and locked away in padded cells until you die.

You child torturing, raping, and killing monsters are not scaring us.  You are making us mad.  You want negative energy?  You are going to get your chance to gorge on it when people finally rise up to take back the lives of their children and families.  It is coming.  Your time is short.

For the good people out there, I just hope we will catch these people, instead of them disappearing and being put in top secret government positions.  That’s where we keep failing.  We have to catch the key people and neutralize them.  No more Operation Paperclip.  No more MK Ultra.  No more of our tax money going to fund systematic child abuse and torture.  No more putting psychopaths in key places to enslave all of us.  It may not be possible, but I am supporting people I see that I think have the credentials and can move in circles to find out who the key players are and go after them specifically.

You know, they gave my sister cancer.  I believe that.  She died still being a good person full of faith.  But these horrible people who did that to her…they are the cancer on society.  We have to kill that cancer or the whole body becomes cancerous and we all die of it.  We have to rid ourselves of this cancer feeding on our children and all the goodness of humanity.

In other blog posts I will keep putting in links and content of people I think are in a place or can get to a place to really make a difference.  I pray special blessings, courage, energy, resources, and goodness for these front line fighters in this horrible cancer-like war.

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