I didn’t know anything about the reptilian conspiracy theory until I listened to one of Bill Cooper’s interviews on YouTube.  I looked it up in Wikipedia, of course.  Wikipedia may not have the most accurate information, but it has information on almost any topic I can think of.  I used to try to research deeper, but if I want to get a quick overview Wikipedia seems ok.

I was shocked to find out that very intelligent people believe in this reptilian theory.  They think aliens, that look like reptiles, are already among us in secret.  They think they are running the countries, have mixed with humans and are taking over all of society.

I wanted to just laugh about that and then go on, but some of these men saying it are very credible.  Then I heard some Christian speakers say that these are demons walking the earth.

I personally think we are spiritual beings and we have to have bodies to function in the material world of the earth.  I don’t think demons, which I think are evil spirits can walk around on earth without a body.  So…..

This is what I am thinking now that I have taken in all this strange information.  I think that the technology is decades ahead of what they let us know about.  I think there is not way that the scientists haven’t been cloning humans and animals.  I think there is no way the scientists have not mixed human and animal DNA.  I am sure of it in my heart.  I personally think all these gross witchcraft-beastiality stories are about people in the past before cloning trying to mix human and animal DNA.

I don’t think people in general would stand for that at all.  How much better to say that this advanced alien technology just showed up with these humanoid creatures who are like a human reptile.  Mixed reptile DNA with human?  Longivety, quick healing, advances reflexes…?  Maybe.

If something like this happens, that’s what I think it is.  I think really horrific science goes on that society would never accept.  They are making up elaborate theories and leaking stories, sightings, physical evidence to swoop in with this story of aliens.  And they will naturally be able to negotiate with these advanced species, since they are making them in a lab as I write this.

Just a thought.

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