Statistical Fiction

Since my “awakening” to “deep state” I have been listening to and reading more alternative news and information than I ever could have imagined.  I perfectly understand how people live their lives unaware of this.  First of all, when I was working full time and being targeted 24/7, I didn’t have an ounce of energy left to even begin to wrap my mind around this.  For some reason it takes real physical energy to relearn everything in life.  I was so confused by my daily life that I didn’t have anything left for some subversive secret interpretation of life.  Secondly, I just didn’t want to believe it.  Until my sister died right in front of me in her home without pain management because she was scared of the doctors and hospitals, I just didn’t have any foothold strong enough to propel me into this alternate view of history, the world, life in general.

After she died though, anything in all the universe could be true.  That’s how deeply it shook me.  It wasn’t just the fact that she died at 36 years old of cancer of mysterious origin.  Suddenly she had stage 4 cancer.  Looked like she beat it.  Then it was in literally every place in her body.  She was strong, healthy, athletic, hard worker, good person, and always full of joy to share with others.  I kept reliving it over and over thinking, “What just happened?  Something is off.  Something is really wrong with this.”  My Dad stood over her body crying, “Nothing is right about this.  Nothing at all.  This should not have happened!”  At the time I thought he was just grieving.  No parent should see their child die.  But as time passed, I thought maybe he meant exactly what he said.  My dad, ex-Navy, definitely was aware of “deep state” and alternative news.  I always thought he was just a quirky character, but I’m beginning to see everything he ever did or said in a whole new light.

I titled this “statistical fiction” because when I was working, especially in the health department, statistics were “educated guesses” all the time.  If you think politicians are stupid when you are just listening to them, then you should try to work for them.  They barely know how to tie their shoes and feed themselves.  We would get directives like this, “The lead managers are meeting with city counsel tomorrow.  Put together these statistics….”  The statistics would be something like, how many times did the police have to help with a complaint investigation.  We meticulously tracked abuse complaints, but we didn’t have them split out by whether the police were involved or not.  That meant that we had to pull actual complaint notes and documentation to see how many had the police involved.  We would tell the managers we couldn’t possibly do that in less than a day if they wanted say, the last 3 years worth of information.  The answer was always the same, “That’s ok.  Just do the best you can.”  Well, these meetings always had to do with funding for our program.  So we would pull so many files, multiply by 3, if we found a years worth of information, and then the lowest level management added some just for “good measure”.  It was all signed off on by a couple of managers.

Then what would happen would be that the mayor or city manager or head of the health department would just have these statistics.  You would hear them get up in public meetings and use the number that was given through our management as hard facts.  To the public it sounded like we had many more serious complaints than we really had and that the police had been involved with child abuse complaints through our program more than they really did.

We were audited many times.  Our records were good.  We kept consistent information.  We kept detailed information.  There was someone somewhere who knew something was off but they couldn’t find it.  It’s because they didn’t look at the statistics we were asked to produce during the year, so they didn’t see that what we tracked was not really what we were asked to give statistics on…not technically.  The request was too specific even for our detailed records and the time we had to compile it was a ludicrously short turn around.  Therefore, they never could figure out where the break down in the information was.  Of course, it was with management who were so charmingly accommodating the auditors and “helping” them with gettting the information they needed.  We never got to talk to the auditors alone.  We were discouraged from talking to them.  I tried to hint a few things, probably one of the many reasons I was targeted so hard at work.  It didn’t matter anyway.  The auditors just wanted to do their report and go home, like most people.

From just that experience happening consistently over years and with different managers, I have come to believe almost anything about government.  Putting that with my shocking loss of my sister, I can believe almost anything about anything.

The best breakdown of targeting and even how statistics are exaggerated that I have seen is an excellent series on A&E by Leah Remini called “Scientology and the Aftermath”.  It is about Scientology.  Every bit of it is exactly what this one world cartel is doing to everyone. It is a powerful series.  I highly recommend it to anyone having problems with any of these topics about government and targeting.

I feel like I have to throw out almost everything I learned.  My Dad’s drunk ramblings may have been masqueraded lectures on how things really work.  He has passed now, but I am starting to remember a lot of what he had to say that made no sense at the time.  And oddly enough, because of life experiences I am at a crucial re-adjustment stage in life and have time to listen to alternate voices.  I’m going to come through this with my husband.  These same idiots who were behind all the horrible experiences are trying to destroy our marriage, but they won’t be able to.  All of this they have done to me is backfiring.  At this point I am willing to do a long distance, long term marriage, even if I have to wait a decade for my husband to retire.  He kept me alive when they were trying to kill me, too.  They killed my sister and that destroyed the strength of my dad so that he didn’t fight with the powers that be as much.  And they were completely going to take advantage of the trauma they caused in me and shut me up and then kill me.  Because of my husband and some brave people behind the scenes who care about me, I am alive and able to study again.  I seriously could not work a cell phone after they got through with me.  From 2006 to 2015 I went from being a person who loved to study and create to someone who could not use the microwave.  That’s what they did to me.  Thank God for my husband.

Our anniversary week continues.  Of course he has jury duty and is working nights so I don’t get to talk to him or even text except for a line or two.  These people in charge of our lives are monsters.  They seriously should lose all freedoms and have to sit in prison in solitary confinement until they die.  They have no patience.  It would be a million deaths if they had to sit still and had no one to talk to.  They would die every minute just how they have made me and my family die every second of every day for our entire lives.

Watch A&E, Leah Remini, “Scientology and the Aftermath”.  It is worth your time and energy.

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