Women’s Safety, Creepy Satanists, and Autocorrect

Naturally, you may wonder what women’s safety, creepy Satanists, and autocorrect all have in common.  The answer is that the creepy satanists (and others into abuse) want to act like autocorrect and turn a woman’s “no” into a “yes”, which leads to danger for women.  I think everyone in general has experienced the frustration of autocorrect popping little words into your sentences and texts that it prefers with no regard to the intent of the message.  It truly can make the message mean something opposite of the intent, or make it so confusing that there’s no way anyone could understand what you meant from what ended up being written.  That’s exactly what it feels like to deal with SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and/or male abusers.  They take everything you say and change it until you look like a liar or a nut.  When you try to talk to them it is like speaking to autocorrect personified and they keep changing the words and the message you are conveying to suit what they want to hear.  If by a miracle they actually hear the word “no”, the reaction will be abuse.  They always abuse.  That’s all they do.

So for women’s-safety-sake do not pretend that autocorrect personified will ever hear you.  There is no chance that a person like that will ever change.  None.  Zero.  No hope.  So don’t let them waste your time, money, emotions, energy, and anything at all that has to do with you.

As women we are taught to be nice and we are nice in general.  I was a teen in the 80s when it was a big deal that we wore pants to school instead of dresses.  And to wear jeans to school was treated like we were immoral crazy people.  But we were taught that we have a right to wear pants.  We have a right to stand up for ourselves. And we have a right to say, “no”, and it doesn’t matter who it offends.  We have a right to our own bodies and minds.  I believe it even more today.

I often say aloud when I am hit, “This is MY body, NOT YOUR body.  This is MY life, NOT YOUR life.  Get off of me.”  It’s like my mantra anymore.

In personal safety we are to fight if attacked, scream and make noise to draw attention, and try to get help.  Well, we have to do the same even though we are being attacked silently.  We have to fight, make noise, and get help.  It’s not pretty when we are under attack; when it is actually happening.  It’s a fight, not theatrics.  It might be theatrics from the attackers, but it’s still an attack of some kind.  It’s either physical or psychological and sometimes spiritual.  Whether someone is directly putting their hands on us or not, it is still a painful attack.  We must fight to survive.

According to some SRA information I have come across the week leading up to Summer Solstice is a time of gathering victims for the solstice and the weeks after are called The Great Climax.  Mainly women and female children are taken.  I won’t go into the kinds of abuse.  You can imagine, I am sure.  The Great Climax is for one day after Summer Solstice and then 5 weeks.  Isn’t that a long time for mass ritual abuse all over the world?  I think it is chilling.

In the Bible it says to be wise as serpents, but harmless as doves.  I believe that means to not join in and help these people who are basically cancers on society, just feeding off of their fellow humans.  We have to be wise as a serpent and know the ways of the serpent, which means knowing about some very disgusting atrocities and having to deal with it.  And I do not believe Jesus meant that we shouldn’t fight back.  The good people have to fight or there will not be anymore good left in the world.  That’s the Good Fight of Faith.  We have to fight for what is good in the world, especially for the good people of the Earth.

That’s all that is on my mind today.  Please be careful and take care of yourselves during the fun summer months.

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