30 Year Anniversary…Apart

My marriage has been under constant attack from the first moments I started dating my husband in 1985.  We still got married in 1988.  Next week will be our 30th Anniversary on June 14th.  These people will ritually abuse us the entire week and the week after.  The week after is summer solstice and they are very superstitious about such things.  I feel tired from all the years of them beating us down.

They make my husband act out skits.  I got him some anniversary gifts.  He got them today.  My husband LOVES presents.  He adores them.  When he told me about getting them, he sounded angry.  He was also breathing in such a way that it sounded like a bull grunting before it charges.  It was over-the-top skit roleplaying.  I know he didn’t mean any of it.  Somehow they make him do stuff.

He won’t get me a gift or act like he even wants to be with me during this anniversary time.  They won’t let him.  I already know it.

He has jury duty in Alaska.  I am safe-ish in the home in Oklahoma. He’s already saying that he probably will be lucky to even talk to me next week.  It’s not enough that we are apart and I’m here because of becoming severely disabled in Alaska.  He’s alone up there trying to take care of the house and finances so he can sell the house and come to me.  They won’t let him talk about that either.

They have my husband saying stuff like “solo” over and over talking about the Han Solo movie.  They have him telling me that people he works with say, “since your wife doesn’t live with you anymore”, like he’s not really married anymore.

It’s the same garbage over and over and over.  They don’t want us married, so they just keep acting like we aren’t.  They spread horrible rumors about our marriage.  It’s just vicious and cruel.

I listened to the testimony of Wednesday today on Dr. Horton’s Stop007 YouTube’s channel.  She talked about how they waited until she was past menopause to “wake her up”, then she had this crushing realization that she would never have kids.  That happened to me, too.  I’m still dealing with it.

I just want to document how horrible and stupid all this torture is.  I know the main IdIoTTwins behind this.  They are low life scum and idiots who are on drugs, are alcoholics, and are basically male whores.  I’ve noticed a pattern of drug and alcohol abuse with the sexual abuse every time.  My husband and I don’t drink and we don’t do recreational drugs.  We are clean.  This addicted idiots think I should leave my clean husband so they can do worse things to me than they already do.  I don’t care how much they pressure us, I am not giving in.  I don’t want to be left alone is this world, caged by these monsters.  I pray my husband doesn’t leave me.  I pray we get to be together again, soon.  I really need him.

These IdIoTTwins who are harassing us have never had a real relationship in either of their lives.  They are psychopaths, sociaopaths, abusers, pathological liars, perverts, murderers, and rapists.  I do not want those IdIoTTwins in my life in any way.  I want my husband of 30 years who I dearly love and am grateful for.  I want us free so that he doesn’t have to do their stupid skits anymore and so we can enjoy each other’s company again.  I want us to live together in Oklahoma and have money to live comfortably.

I write it out like this because when I was at my most ill they would have people standing around me saying, “I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know what you want.  I can’t understand you.”  I think what I have written is clear enough for them to know to get lost.  I am not sending mixed messages.  I want you IdIoTTwins out.  I want my husband back.

God help us all.  What a crazy mess we are all living in because of these idiots!


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