Are You Living in a B-Rate Movie?

Is everyone in your life showing exaggerated emotion like the comedy/tragedy masks, or no emotion at all?  Do you feel you are in a movie and that you are crazy for feeling that way?  Do you think you are losing touch with reality?  You are probably being gaslighted, which is where a situation is staged to make you look like you are crazy.  In fact if you are a lifelong member of this torturous hell, like me, then you have been told your whole life by people all around you that you are crazy, weird, strange, different, odd, and a whole host of other words and body language saying you are crazy.  Eventually you get used to it.

My husband and I were both raised like that.  When we met we joked that we were crazy, but harmless.  We were instant kindred spirits.  Only recently have I found out that he was born at an Air Force Hospital that was one of the main MK Ultra places in the country.  So he is a targeted individual, MK Ultra-type person like me.  No wonder we have so much in common.

But whether you were raised in it or got thrown into it, just stop for a few minutes, relax, and see if your life really is being scripted for you, like a live theater production.  Here are some very basic elements you can easily find on a search on the internet.  Only you can tell since you are the audience.  Everyone else is an actor if this is being done to you, so it’s very hard to gauge against the reactions of anyone else.  They are either actors or just happen to be in the scene, if this type of gaslighting is happening to you.

At the very beginning of this I want to mention a site that probably saved my life when I first started researching what was happening to me.  It is Workplace  The man who started it is Dr. Namie.  He tells the sweetest story of saving his wife from a workplace that not only gaslighted her, but stole her entire identity.  He saw his brillian wife, who also has a doctor’s degree, completely decline until she could no longer function.  That’s where I was when I found the site.  I highly recommend it for anyone who has been a targeted individual at work.

Here are some of the basics of theater and sure signs that you are caught in a play for your life.  It’s too disgusting to imagine, but this is our lives. 1) Stock characters, 2) Street theater, 3) Stock Plots

1) Are you dealing with stock characters performing skits instead of “real” people?  Here are a few of the characters I had to deal with at my job.

The Cougars are older women who want to flirt outrageously and get all the attention.  They act like even though they are old, they are prettier and more alluring than you are.  They won’t let a man look sideways at you on accident without putting on a big performance to get attention.  If you are female this is supposed to make you feel sort of invisible and powerless.  They often used it to pretend I was just a little kid compared to them being “real” women.  These women were also the Gossips, and what would sort of be considered the Crones in old stock characters.

I was too young to be a Cougar, and eventually gained too much weight to be a cougar.  I was too old to be a Milliniel.

Milliniels – These are seemingly genius techno wiz kids who will make you feel a million years old.  They are just acting the part they are given.  They have no real idea of what they are doing, but they get used nonetheless, or maybe because of this.

Emo or Emotional – sort of 90s, still sort of grunge, kinds of people who are moody about everything.  No matter what mood everything is in, they come on stage and change the mood.  If it’s a happy mood, they bring in gloom.  If people are feeling gloomy, then they have some kind of dark humor to share and get everyone laughing.  When you are dealing with them one on one, no matter what mood your reaction is to whatever you are discussing with them, they will act like that is wrong and change it.  It’s another way to make you feel like your own feelings are crazy and out of whack.  Of course, they are stereotyped nuts, who are playing a part for a job just to get attention and a few perks, but in their stupid minds, you are the crazy one.

I would like to interject here that at first everyone knows they are just playing parts and you are in shock and confusion, but as time passes with them playing the same part most of the time, they start believing their own performances.  They begin believing you are crazy and they are geniuses.  You will know because they will not ever see you as a real person.  They have learned to dehumanize you and that’s how the people with the real power behind the scenes get these people to do such cruel things to you.

The Partiers – Life is just a party.  Rich, poor, working, or not working, educated or uneducated, with a wide range of beliefs they all come together for their favorite drinks, hang out, cafe, sports, Tupperware party, camping, office party….  It can be anything.  Any excuse to party and act like life is a merry game while you are dying in isolation right in their midst.  You can’t remember the last time you had a real conversation with anyone, but these people have multitudes of friends.  Everyone loves them, as long as it is scripted that way.

The respectable matron – the mother figure.  She’s always got the proper response in any given situation.  She is clever, witty, lively, and intimidating.  She can answer the hard questions without batting an eye.  She’s seen everything and has a wise way to deal with it.  Of course, all of this is because it is scripted for her.  Easy to be amazing when you knew the questions and answers before hand.  She’s always a snob.

The Fashion Police.  Unfortunately at work they really get to have such a thing as basically fashion police.  No matter how you dress, it will be wrong.  It will be too conservative, too bold, too “crazy”, too much like everyone else, to different from everyone else….  The point is that you are too crazy to even know how to dress yourself.

The Activist – There’s always some topic of the day that we should all be willing to stop our day and make sure it gets done.  Recycling, health foods, the flu on planet Mars….  It is always something dramatic and over the top with all kinds of “concerned citizen” flags so they can get in your business.  And it often costs you a donation when they know you don’t have a lot of money to spare.  You look like an unfeeling jerk if you don’t give, but when you do give, it really hurts.  Others look like they are giving until they hurt, but they aren’t .  They knew way before it happened that this was going to come up.  I don’t think they are playing with their own money in these situations either.  Then someone or some people look like heroes when they are usually the most disruptive people in the place.

Love Bomb – You’ve been isolated for so long that when someone comes along who actually listens you can’t stop talking.  You are so thankful for that person until you realize they are telling what you say to everyone else and usually just making up stuff about you, like they know you.  They don’t care who you are.  They are just sent to be in a place where they look like they know all about you, but they spread the propaganda they are supposed to spread about you.  It destroys your reputation.

The Critic – There’s always more than one of these.  You can’t breath without being criticized.  You got up and are still alive, therefore you must be criticized cruelly.

The Over Re-Actor – No matter what you do this person over reacts and pretends you are the crazy one.  They really got me with this one.  I told a couple of our friends we played games with that I didn’t want telling me how to play.  They got up and left the restaurant when I asked them to stop basically playing my game for me.  We had been friends for 5 years.  They left.  Told everyone I was belligerent and demanding.  One said I had threatened his life and that if he ever saw me in the street he would run me down and kill me.  Everyone could not believe how mean I had been to these long time friends of mine and my husband’s.

The Advice Columnist – Often is also the Critic or teams up with the Critic.  They give you so much advice that you feel like you can’t do anything right.  They give you so much advice that it becomes insulting.  At work I quit deciding anything.  I made them give me their advice before I would do anything.  They eventually came up with “now that I think about it” or “now that I see it” and then had more advice.  They actually had advice for their own advice.

The Know-It-All – Similar to Advice Columist and Critic, but they don’t make it personal.  Anything they do or say is to be taken as the complete truth and never questioned.

Holier-than-thou – You are just a degenerate idiot to this person.  They always have a holier way to do anything or they would never do the things you do.

Super Ethnic – This has become a horrible problem.  People who go out of their way to put down you personally and constantly go on about their ethnicity.  If you defend yourself on a personal matter, they make it about their ethnicity.  No one can believe what a racist you are.  I think the one that got me worst of all was this woman from the Czech Republic.  She openly said she thought communism was good.  She had only vile things to say about America.  She tried to get me to agree with her, but I wouldn’t.  Then she spread that I was racist toward her for taking up for my own country.  And another one they had planted there was my office mate.  She was the same way.  Everything about Hispanics was better than Americans.  She was from LA, but all she talked about was being Mexican.  I don’t have anything against Mexico, but I am not going to talk bad about my country or act like someone else’s country is better than mine.  It was clearly a trap.  It worked that time.  The Hispanic community turned against me.  I had been trying to help several of them behind the scenes and she was overly critical of her own people behind the scenes, but I got ostracized.  This one is really, really bad right now.  If they hit you with this, you won’t win.  It’s like the nuclear bomb of scripted theatrical attacks.  AND since my roommate was Hispanic she could be an Over Re-Actor and everyone said it was just her cultural heritage to be overly emotional and over react to everything.  If I got sick of it and reacted, then supposedly I was just a racist.

Superman and Superwoman – They do mystical feats while everyone else gets the non-glamorous work done.  Basically they shine because you did the heavy lifting.  If you say anything then it is just taken that you are bitter because you want all the attention.

Side Kicks – Super heroes have side kicks.  They get to goof off and act like fools because you are doing all the work,  Superman and Superwoman are gettting all the credit, and this fool is in your face all the time saying important things like “Holy Cow Batman, we have another form that has to be filled out!”

The Comedian – Made you laugh so you must like him/her even though you can’t stand them and you were just being polite.  Or you don’t laugh and you are just being mean to them.  The poor clown.  Life’s so hard on the poor fool.  The least you can do is stop and give them complete attention even though you have a real life to live.  By the time the clown gets through with you no one thinks your life is of any importance at all.  After all you spend all your time laughing at the clown’s jokes.  But if you don’t laugh, just see how serious it gets.

The News – They walk around all day every day telling everything and making up most of it.  They are the disinformation spreaders. They make such a mess of any real news in the workplace that everyone is completely confused and no one does anything.

Sure people play parts and have masks they hide behind, but it has a natural flow.  It’s not overly dramatized either.  These people really are scripted.  Just try to talk to them.  You find that they say the same things over and over.  They won’t answer questions.  They are looking for a specific response from you.  If they get it, then they  may go on, but if they don’t, they just keep on wearing away at your energy and emotions.

These people set up skits for you to play one of the roles.  Like I noticed that these people in staff meetings would set something up where I was obviously supposed to respond a certain way.  One they did was to pick on one person.  I have a very empathetic heart and cannot stand to see poeple picked on.  I’m sure I can empathize with that so easily because of all the harassment my whole life.  I realized when I was shutting down, they would keep picking on someone and then everyone would just be quiet.  After a few times of pitching the response I was supposed to give right at me they even would all turn and look at me.  Finally I would say, “We shouldn’t single a person out” or something Ike that.  Key people would say, “No.. We shouldn’t.  That was wrong of us.  Let’s look at it another way.”  And they would praise me for participating.  I think that if I completely shut down that someone setting up the whole thing would have to say it was too much for me and call off the massive attack.  But if they could engage me socially in even the slightest thing, they could report that as me interacting with the group and go right on torturing me to death.

You can probably find some of the stock characters in your life right off of a generic list of characters.  There’s one on Wikipedia

2)  Street Theater

From Wikipedia I found

Commedia dell’arte (Italian pronunciation: [komˈmɛːdja delˈlarte], comedy of the profession[1]) was an early form of professional theatre, originating from Italy, that was popular in Europe from the 16th through the 18th century.[2][3][

Since the productions were improvised, dialogue and action could easily be changed to satirize local scandals, current events, or regional tastes, while still using old jokes and punchlines. Characters were identified by costumes, masks, and props, such as a type of baton known as a slapstick. These characters included the forebears of the modern clown, namely Harlequin (arlecchino) and the zanni. Harlequin, in particular, was allowed to comment on current events in his entertainment.[42]

When I looked up “street theater” I found the information above.  It certainly describes what has been happening to me all my life.

Another I found is called

Physical Theatre – genre of performance which makes use of the body (as opposed to the spoken word) as the primary means of performance and communication with an audience.  In using the body the performer will concentrate on:

The use of body shape and position

Facial expressions

Rhythmical movement, pace and the energy of the body




Physical theatre can be distinguished from dance in that it tends to focus more on narrative, character and action.

Variations of physical theatre are:

Physical comedy – where the body is the primary means of comic creation



Some forms of puppetry


found at

Another definition of street theater – form of theatrical performance and presentation in outdoor public spaces without a specific paying audience found at https://en.m.wikipedia.or/wiki/outline_of_theatre

3)  Stock plots

There are only a few plots.  Some say 7 and others say 5, but any story being told generally falls into one of these plots, even when they are telling your story for you.

Overcoming the monster

Rags to riches

The Quest

Voyage and Return




4) Other

These are some of the kinds of theatre I have had to endure in public both at work:

Comedy of manners – satirizes the manners and affectations of social class, often represented by stock characters

Comedy or situation – features characters sharing the same common environment, such as home or workplace, accompanied by jokes as part of the dialogue.

Improvisational theatre – often comedic, and sometimes poignant or dramatic productions where actors/improvisers use improvisational acting techniques to perform spontaneously

There have been times I wanted to kill myself but the comedy of my life just kept playing.  Everyone else was laughing and having fun.  What was wrong with me?  Why did I take myself so seriously?  With these kinds of cliches they tore me apart day in and day out.

In-yer-face-theatre – a term for drama that emerged in Great Britain in the 1990s to describe work by young playwrights who present vulgar, shocking, and confrontational material on stage as a means of involving and affecting their audiences

Physical theatre – any mode of performance that pursues storytelling or drama primarily and secondarily physical and mental means

Political theatre

Tragedy – a style of theatre based on human suffering that invokes an accompanying catharsis or pleasure to the audiences.

I think tragedy is often used on me.  It may be cathartic for the actors and secondary audience, put for me, the primary audience, it is not cathartic.  It is a nightmare.

Styles of theatre:

Absurdism – presents a perspective that all human attempts at significance are illogical.  Ultimate truth is chaos (again with the chaos) with little certainty.  There is no necessity that need drive us.

Expressionism – anti-realistic in seeing appearance as distorted and the truth lying within man.  The outward appearance on stage can be distorted and unrealistic to portray an eternal truth

Also found at https://en.m.wikipedia.or/wiki/outline_of_theatre

For my personalized torture I have for one thing a pair of twins wh say they are from Britain and think they are Shakespeare.  They think since they are British that whatever they say about theatre and the English language is the truth and cannot be disputed.  They go for these masks, costumes, people that have exaggerated features, way too much energy like someone on speed.  I have had to be around their underlings in a lot of situations.  All that matters is that a good show was put on.  No one cares if the customer was taken care of, if the people got answers to questions, if the job got done.  Nothing mattered except that everyone mention something that was obviously staged so these IdIoTTwins get attention.

I was in plays in high school.  I did a dramatic duet with a friend and also debate.  When I was out in the public it was exactly like a show being performed.  It still is.  Go though wherever you have to where it’s all crowded and then come back an hour later.  The store you couldn’t get through will be dead.  There might be people eating as a restaurant in the area with everyone nodding at each other and having this air of having just completed a job.  They might get tense at seeing you, but just be quiet and you can feel the energy of the people.  You can feel the focused energy when they are acting the part too.  It’s like dealing with a world of used car salesmen.

If these things are happening to you, I am truly sorry.  They have destroyed my life right in front of a lot of people by doing this stuff to me.  Everyone around me has nice things and goes on nice vacations, though, so I guess they think torturing me to death was worth it.

I felt so bad for most of my life because I kept going from one situation to another where I couldn’t get along with people.  Now that I know it’s all a big show and not real, I feel my life has been wasted by these IdIoTTwins.  I feel they have stolen my life from me.  On the other hand I don’t feel guilty anymore like something was wrong with me.  I don’t feel responsible for not being able to break through that forced barrier between audience and actors.  They were performing and forcing me into a story they wanted.  It had nothing to do with me.

I want my husband back.  I want my marriage back that I have invested 30 years into.  I want to be free from these IdIoTTwins and their acting troup.  I want to have my marriage that I should have.

PS A good movie to watch that demonstrates all of this in an entertaining way is “Stranger Than Fiction”.

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