All Roads Lead to Rome… (what do these people want?)

You are probably asking yourself, “What do these people want?”  It’s basically capsulated in the old saying, “All roads lead to Rome.”  Rome built one of the first road systems and therefore, most roads lead to and from Rome or were dead ends.  There is something very malevolent behind all of this.  You can probably feel it even if you can’t explain it.  Your instincts are right.  It all leads to loss of individuality and emphasis on the group dynamic.  It is social engineering to use people, but to stop the individual.

Just like in Ancient Rome, the Caesars had the saying, “Give them bread and circuses,” the modern top shadow government want us distracted with favorite foods and movies or any entertainment.  The entertainment is not necessarily bad.  Our food is probably the best in history.  We work hard.  We care for our families.  We are concerned citizens.  How did we become the targeted?  What do these wicked people want?  Well, also like Ancient Rome, they want us to be mindless zombie slaves.  They do not want thinking individuals.  They want a “work force”, a militia, a  concerned citizens watch, any kind of a group they can use.  They want working, unthinking groups.  They do not want “you”.  They just want us as a faceless part of the masses.  So you are literally fighting for your soul.  No matter what we go through as targeted individuals, it is worth the fight.

It’s wise to know your enemy.  Yet, it’s almost impossible for us to know our enemy.  They are cowards with money and confused mobs.  They hide and blame everyone else.  They turn group against group and group against individual.  They try to distract people with things, entertainments, being part of something bigger than themselves…anything beside a person actually being happy being themselves.  They systematically degrade the independent soul and elevate the mindless masses.  They have silly affirmations everywhere about you are valued by how many friends you have, what car you drive, what house you live in, etc.  They force the shallow and the ridiculous on us while we are screaming inside to get a breath of air, as if we are drowning in our own lives.  Inside something creative and unique is screaming to get a breath of freedom air, but we have to keep it locked away or suffer the consequences.  And no matter what we try…all roads lead to the same place.

One thing you should know about what the enemies of freedom of the individual believe is that the ends justify the means.  They will do anything imaginable and a lot that individuals like each of us would never even think of.  I have seen so much nonsense about chaos and creation that it’s like someone is trying to force me to think that way.  Of course creating something is messy, as in the paints can get messy when I am painting, but not as in people died while I tried to paint.  To us the ends don’t justify the means.  We wouldn’t kill someone to get what we want, but these people will.  And they lie.  They will say anything to get to the ends that they want.

The best description I found that describes what we are dealing with came out of Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2018 article entitled, “Order, Chaos, or In Between”, by Michael Furie.  A side note:  I am not a witch, but have suspected that some of the people I have been dealing with are.  I have been reading a bit here and there to see if I could find what they believe given their extreme behavior.  Extreme behavior believes something.  That’s my theory, anyway.  And I know these people love magic games like the massive on-line games.  I like those games, too, but when I play a game like that I don’t care if magic is spelled with a “c” or a “k”.  I have heard these people have heated debates over it.  So in this article I see this heading, “Chaos Magic(k)”.  Bingo.  I found something they probably believe in.  After reading this I realized it was the best description of what it’s like to deal with these people that I have ever heard.  I could not put it better.  I will italicize what I think should be emphasized.

”Chaos Magic(k):  This system of magical practice originated in the 1970s in England and is credited to author, professor, and magician Peter J. Carroll and others.” “Essentially, chaos magic isn’t a magical system but rather a framework, a point of view from which to practice other magical systems in a new way.  The basic idea is the concept that the techniques and beliefs utilized in magic are of paramount significance and the symbols and words chosen are secondary.  Chaos magicians tend to discount the notion of absolute truth in favor of shifting beliefs, focus, techniques, and paradigms at will in order to achieve results.”  Or in other words, the ends justify the means.

These people will tell you that they don’t practice magic.  See above where it says this isn’t a magical system.  On the other hand they take from all kinds of magic systems, so they are practicing magic.  As it says in the article, they don’t believe in an absolute truth, which means they don’t think anything of lying.  They will say they are not lying.  How do they come to this conclusion?  They reason that if there is no truth, then how can there be a lie?  They don’t just shift words and ideals, they shift their own core beliefs as needed to fit the situation they are in as it says above to get what they want.  So if you are a Christian, then they might say they are Christians or at least believe something like what your are talking about.  If you are a Satanist, then they say they are too, but if you try to find out what rituals they use, they probably won’t have a lot of specifics.  If you say you are a philosopher, then they say they are too.  They love philosophy because it’s just a bunch of though experiments.  That’s probably the closest they come to having a “belief”.  For these reasons you can never get a reliable answer from these people.

If you are noticing that you are drained of energy by some high maintenance people who agree with you while constantly correcting you, or say they are helping, but are really hindering; you are probably dealing with a version of this kind of person.  If you have a bunch of people like this in your life, like the gang stalking where they make a point of watching you, but if you say something they say they are just being good citizens, then whoever is organizing it is one of these kinds of people.  If your life is full of poeple giving you the run around, double talk, false reports, blatant lies, and an almost infinite variety of confusing, energy draining nonsense, then you have these “ends justify the means” types assigned to your life.

Do what you can to save your energy.  Do not get into long, drawn out battles, talks, or any kind of involved interaction with these people.  They are draining you and then attacking you, hoping for a big reaction they can use to say you are crazy.  If you think you can win an arguement, legal battle, or such against them, then by all means, go for it.  But if interacting with them isn’t going to accomplish anything, then just politely ignore them.  They hate that more than anything.

Above all else don’t let them take yourself from you.  I know that sounds weird, but if you are in a battle with these people, it will make perfect sense to you.  Protect yourself, but also be yourself.

All my best to everyone fighting this good fight.  All roads may lead to Rome, but we will build a new city on top of it eventually – all of us Targeted INDIVIDUALS.

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