The Beginning was at the Beginning and Before

I have had to piece my life together from odd circumstances and disjointed information.  Being a detective in my own life here are a few things about the beginning of my life that stand out.  I am purposely being vague because if I am too specific this will all disappear and it will be like I never existed.  It’s getting very close to that anyway.  But I want to add my piece of the pattern so that others may see it and it could help them.

I was born in the late 60s to my parents in Texas, but aside from when my sister was also born in Texas, we spent our lives in Oklahoma.  If you are not from the area of Oklahoma and Texas you probably will not realize how odd this is.  It’s beyond just odd, but crazy to an Oklahoman’s way of thinking.  No one from Oklahoma would go to Texas just to have their kids, so that their kids would legally be birthed as…Texans.  Not only were we both born in Texas, both pregnancies were overseen by university medical schools.  In other words our mom got free pre-natal care for going to the university “hospitals” and having everything done there by students and professors trying out the latest experiments for their research papers.

I was actually born in a regular hospital with the doctor from the university coming in to see to the delivery. My sister was actually born in a university hospital and a whole class of students did the vital sign checks and were involved with the whole delivery scenario.  In those days no one asked the mom if she wanted medication.  She was medicated and whatever was done was a haze to her often with no memories that made much sense.  Actually the tv  series “Mad Men” shows the main woman, Betty, have a baby in the 60s.  It was like a psychedelic trip.  From what I can find out that is pretty close to right.  And the husbands waited dutifully in the waiting area.  They didn’t see what was happening to the woman or child.

From this odd beginning even more odd things started adding up to an entirely strange picture.

My dad had served in the Navy during Vietnam.  My whole life he told me how he was a clerk for the Navy and was mainly stationed at a port in California.  When I turned 27 I went to visit my dad.  He got out a bunch of military classified documents and showed me how that he had really been on a submarine in the South Pacific and had conducted nuclear testing on a little island.  The whole event had been declassified so he could show me his paperwork, certificates, rank.  He told me about the radiation badges they wore and how they weren’t supposed to look during the actual bomb explosions but they snuck out and watched out of a side door, hatch, hull … something like that.  I just stared at all that information and was shocked that my dad, who I had always been close to, had all this secret life I had never heard one word about.

Both of my dad’s brothers also served in the Navy.  They both joined the Masons afterwards, but my dad refused.  He didn’t like secret societies although he clearly was involved in secret military missions.

My mom was brilliant.  She was beautiful, too, but I was always intimidated by her brilliance.  She was cold and hard, often completely zoned out and not in touch with my sister and I, but for some reason especially me.  I was the oldest girl, so maybe it had something to do with that.  At any rate as I grew older I could not get along with my mom at all.  Dad would talk me into being nice to her.  As he neared the end of his life he emphasized to me that his family had been destitute.  At first they were fine, but then my grandpa went blind.  Social Security was just getting started back then and didn’t pay much, not that it pays a lot today.  But they had hardly anything. My granny was raising 5 kids and taking care of her husband.  And at the same time dad emphasized three times in conjunction with this story of his family’s destitution that mom’s family was even poorer.  Mom’s family had nothing.  He seemed to think this was a reason for me to be nice to her even when she was a monster to me.  Later I realized that he may have been telling me why…why my sister and I had been put into a government program.

When I first started trying to figure out this targeted individual stuff I kept coming across MK Ultra.  I have come across it more times than I could ever express.  In a book I read by Fritz Springmeier about Illuminati and Mind Control he talks about one of the main programmers being in Texas exactly where my sister was born.  He also talks about how those top programmers traveled all over the place, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the guy was also in the same area of Texas where I was born when I was born.

Suddenly stuff that had really bothered me for years started making sense.  My mom did military style interrogation and torture to me.  She did a lot of mean psycho things to both of us, but I was subjected to very rigid militant seeming attacks.  When I was in my early teens I had to sit on a chair in the kitchen for hours while my mom screamed at me, glared me down, slapped me in the face, accused me of thinking things I was not thinking at all.  It would go on for hours and I wasn’t allowed to go to the restroom or eat or drink anything.

Dad took me hunting and fishing with him.  I basically learned how to live off of the land in case the government should fail.  When I was just 11 years old I was taught about the Tri-lateral Council and all kinds of odd secret governments.

When I talked to other kids I could tell I was living a very different life than they were.  Even if they had bad moms, they weren’t being military style interrogated.  Even if they were close to their dads they weren’t taught about secret governments and how to live off of the land.  My life was so different from anyone I ever knew that I just couldn’t really connect.  If I told them about my daily life they would think I was crazy.  And the things they got upset about seemed so unimportant to me that I just couldn’t identify.

We moved constantly when I was little.  When I was 11, 6th grade, we moved to a place in Oklahoma where I went to school through half of junior year in high school, but even during that time we made a significant move from a small town to the country.  I finished junior year in a tiny school and went to one just as small or smaller for my senior year.  I feel all the moving around is also a sign of something secretive in my family and how my sister and I were raised.

From these observations and many, many more, I think my sister and I were put in the MK Ultra program before we were even born.  I think we were conceived and born under experimentation by the government.  Both of my parents went back to college when I was 8 and got their teaching degrees.  Each of them was the first person in their family to get a college degree.  I think they could afford that and got the opportunity because we were in some kind of government experiment program.

And by my mid-teens I was sick of having teaching methods tried on me.  I shut down and would not respond for a while which infuriated my mom.  My dad was frustrated, but later seemed sort of sad about it all. I felt I was just an extension of their college education and not really their child.  During that time my dad did something very odd that hurt my feelings.  He took two cats that belonged to us; the favorites of me and my sister, and he put them in the truck.  He made us get in the truck too.  He said he had found a home for them.  My sister and I could not figure out what was going on and we were crying.  We weren’t looking for a home for our animals.  We wanted to keep them.

Dad took us to a makeshift animal conservation site.  There were animals in cages around us.  I was heartbroken thinking of my favorite cat locked away in some horrible cage.  Dad and the man were both smiling and nodding at each other as they shook on a deal.  Then while both of them were still smiling broadly, dad opened the truck door and just stood there for a minute.  Both of the cats jumped out and ran straight into the woods.  Dad pretended to lunge at the cats to catch them, but, of course, they got away.

My sister and I were crying.  Dad and the man were smiling.  Dad said something like, “They are free now.  They are happier anyway.”  We thought he had lost his mind and we really missed our cats.  Looking back now, though, and realizing that dad couldn’t tell us anything, I think that was a show.  I think he did something we would never forget, hoping later we would understand.  We were like the two favorite cats and dad to the best of his ability, set us free.  Mom was very strict, but dad seemed to not care if we could do the experiments we were supposed to be able to do.

Things got much worse for my dad after that.  He was clearly a targeted individual because he was a non-conformist.  He was a historian.  He believed in the constitution.  And he sincerely believed in freedom.  He made a real stand, but as he would often tell me before he died, “I paid for it.  I really paid a high price for it.”

So, I will leave it here for today.  I can’t go through my whole life in one blog.  I hope the life experience is of some use to people who are hurting in this insane program.

Today I listened to The Ladies on Stop 007 YouTube, and looked at the site  Brilliant women.  Amazing stories.  Amazing work they are doing.  Check them out especially if you want to do something to set some people free from this oppressive element of society, who want to use the human race for their own personal cruel goals.

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