Full Moon and Targeting

While I am not the kind of person who puts much faith in the phases of the moon, astrology, and various other divniations of that sort, I am aware that the people targeting me do.  I believe I was born into a family where my dad was targeted, but I will put that in a different blog.  I know that at this time the two main perpetrators of my targeting have spent a considerable amount of time setting up scenarios to try to shame me for being a Christian.  They believe in anything science based, such as the moon phases or the place of the constellations in the sky.  They call themselves scientists, but that’s misleading.  What they mean is they follow anything that is based in some sort of science.  Also I know that they are twins.

So it is helpful for me to be aware of the phases of the moon and the zodiac.  Right now we are under the sign of the twins, Gemini, and tonight will be a full moon.  Also these two guys are Satan Worshippers, so it is helpful for me to acknowledge Satanic Ritual Abuse.  Today on the SRA breakdown I found on-line for 2018 it is a night for orgies including beastiality and child abuse, and a night for blood sacrifice human and/or animal.  Ok.  What can I learn from this mixed bag of tricks?  Today is not a good day for me to try to accomplish anything.  While I do not care about these things, the people who have power over my life do and will cause bad things to happen and put obstacles in my way on their “power days” to “prove” that Satan is stronger than Christ.  Their manipulation of my life does not prove that.  In fact, I am still here and still believe in Christ, which proves the opposite of what they are doing.  It proves Satan is not more powerful than Christ.

But today I have had crazy stuff happen.  I had a mammogram scheduled for today because I didn’t realize the significance of the day to the powers-that-be in my life.  While I waited in the waiting area every person called had a name of a famiiy member or a co-worker I have had.  It’s too coincidental to be real.  This is the kind of nonsenses they do to make you feel you are going crazy.  They have hired actors.  There are even jobs now called things like security actors or security role players.  These people are just what I call “plants”.  They are planted in your life and have the mental capacity of a vegetable, aka plants.

Then the dentist office called and once again cannot figure out my insurance.  Supposedly my insurance says I am not covered when I am getting coverage everywhere else.  Time to find a different dentist.  If I had been with these people a long time I would just chalk it up to the time of the year and that they vicious trickery will pass, but I am a new patient and they can’t get anything right.  Time to look for some place else.

Be careful looking up anything you don’t believe in.  It can freak you out.  But if you try to pick up on the tone of the site giving the information before you take it in, that should help.  For instance I found a site with SRA holidays on it that is called “The Scroll”.  I don’t think they are Satanists, but just supplying the information.  At any rate they didn’t have a sales pitch or anything trying to pressure me to worship Satan.

Moon phases are easy.  They are on most calendars.  Solstices and regular holidays are also often used to stage the bringing of confusion and obstacles.  These are on most calendars.  Since most of the information I was looking for was on most calendars I got one that was set up for astrology with the zodiac information to use to tell when things may be happening that these evil twins could use as a background for staging their theatrical anti-Christ attacks on me.

That’s the gruesome and the good.  The gruesome is pretty self evident.  The good is that we can find this information and arm ourselves.  “The truth will set you free.”


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