The Purpose

I am creating this blog for two reasons.  One reason is I want to publically record my story in case I get killed in this gruesome Gang Stalking process.  The second reason is that there is such suffering in the Targeted Individual Community and I wanted to add one more voice of comfort and goodness in this area.  It took a lot research for me to find even the key words to search on to get some information about what I was going through when I was first Gang Stalked.  I thought I was going crazy and could barely think to even do a basic search.  I was not in the place to do any kind of real research.  For that reason I want to be one more chance on the internet for people who are truly targeted to get some information and comfort.

While I would like to personally help people, the nature of being a Targeted Individual does not allow me this luxury.  If I opened my site to public comment, the Gang Stalkers would just use it to hurt me.  I sincerely hope that this site does help someone in need.

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