Memorial Day 2018

Today is a day to reflect on the sacrifices people have made for the nation and for each of us to live in “the land of the free”.  When I think of how I am living and the life people died to give me, I know they would be upset at how their sacrifices are being wasted.  I am not living a life of freedom.  Every thing  I do is under survellience.  Every where I go I am herded like I am some animal who has escaped her cage.  Even my own thoughts and free will is attacked constantly.  This life is exactly the opposite of what people have died to give me and millions of others like me.

After the terrorist attacks on 9/11 the Department of Defense basically took over the US.  National Security has become the buzzword that cannot be questioned.  Almost anyone can get you put on a list of people to watch for terrorist activities.  You can accidentally offend someone and end up on a top secret list of people who lose their  rights and are functionally imprisoned in their own lives.  All the people who see you in a day can make money from the Department of Defense trickle down money through local law and community groups like neighborhood watch.  There is no reason to find you innocent.  The more of a problem they pretend you are, the more money they get.

I’m 51 years old.  I remember when few people had new cars.  People worked for decades to get a home.  People didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on hair cuts and other personal preening that has become expected now days.  People didn’t have wardrobe worth thousands of dollars.  They didn’t go out to eat all the time and spend a hundred dollars to go to a movie event.  The amount of money that is in the communities now when there are not more jobs is shocking.  It is coming in from these national security, defense monies.

So the gruesome is living a life that is really a prison sentence.  Also the gruesome is that there is no incentive for anyone to be honest about the fact that you are probably not a threat.  But the good is that there are very bright, good people who do care.  Look up Dr. Eric Karlstrom under videos.  There are a lot of incredibly informative videos he has done on YouTube.  He doesn’t have his own YouTube but has been interviewed many times.

”And they shall lift up on wing like eagles…”  Isaiah


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